Jujutsu Kaisen Storms U.S. Shores

Jujutsu Kaisen is the manga just recently licensed by Viz Media. It has been sending shockwaves overseas through Shonen Jump for some time. Hardcore Manga fans have been trying to … Continue readingJujutsu Kaisen Storms U.S. Shores

Bandai Namco’s Hot 2020 Anime Lineup

2019 might be coming to a close, but Bandai Namco (as always) is already looking to TKO the wallets of otakus everywhere. Here are the punches they plan on pulling … Continue readingBandai Namco’s Hot 2020 Anime Lineup

Tokyo Ghoul S Review

You guys know how I feel about Tokyo Ghoul as an anime. I wrote a big-time review of the series. People will say I ripped the series a new one, … Continue readingTokyo Ghoul S Review

Trunks, Sanji, & Eric Vale at ACEN!

This announcement hits home very personally. It’s because this voice actor voices two of my favorite characters in all of anime. Trunks from the Dragon Ball franchise and Sanji from … Continue readingTrunks, Sanji, & Eric Vale at ACEN!