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Hey everyone if you didn’t get a chance yet head over to my youtube page Express Team Wave for some of my Crunchyroll Expo 2017 videos. We had a great time here at Anime Pad at the con. All of the fans and attendees had a great time too. It was a big huge con with a small con feel. They were sooo impressed with the level of the con for the first year. I talked with many fans and many of the staff at Crunchyroll; they really have everyone in mind.


I love the mobile game Fate/Grand Order and I was having an incredible time getting the hang of it. But Aniplex of America let me hangout with them and personally taught me how to play the game lol. I’m talking tips and everything, and guess what I’m dope at the game now. I couldn’t believe how bad I was at the game, and I even gave them some tips on how others felt about the game. I’m now seeing some of those discussions being implemented in the product and promotion of the game. Awesome.


At the end of the con Crunchyroll’s Director of Entertainment held a Q & A for how attendees felt. I attended this meeting too, just to see what concerns there might be. The only concern was to get an updated badge system with names or barcodes on them. That was the only concern for the massively successful convention they put on. I was very thrilled for the time I spent at the con and I’m ready for next year already.



Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Ep. 41


I love Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. It’s one of those from top to bottom super good seasons. Episode 41 is like the culmination of where we finally thought we’d get too. It finally puts us into the end game pun intended of the series. A lot of things wrapped up after episode 39-40 threw us for some huge loops.


Let me start off by saying Dan Kuroto (Tetsuya Iwanaga) is my favorite character on the show. We’re talking about a prodigy and a mastermind genius turned savior of the show. Not only has he pushed most of the characters to the best of their own abilities, but he’s still upping his own game. The very game that was taken from him, he’s still making better from the sideline.

Episode 39 Masamune Kuroto’s father (‎Hiroyuki Takami) gains the reset ability stripping the characters of all the progress they made in defeating him. Emu loses Muteki and we think all is lost, right after Parado and Emu had joined forces. Putting Emu back into his Gamer M state of mind. I sat here at a loss for words, wondering where do we go, and how can they beat Chronos?? This guy can just reset each time.


Enter Dan Kuroto my man with all his antics. He and Emu are trying to update the Muteki to beat the reset of Chronos. I wasn’t sure what they could do and Kuroto felt the same after two classic game overs from overworking him-self.  No worries we find out his continues have reset also, lol. Will Kuroto and Emu figure something out we don’t know.

mqdefault (1)

Finally, I’d been waiting on this battle for a long time. Blade and Snipe finally get their revenge on Graphite; but not before Chronos tries to interfere. We find out Graphite just wanted to always fight and have battles. He was the only major Bugster that was setup for that type of game. Which is why I could understand his stance against joining Poppy and Parado.


So Chronos is going to stop everyone from summoning the boss of the game with reset. Oh, boy and at first it seemed like it worked, but then the Gashats continue into the sky. I go whoa what happened and then these Ex-Aid coins appear. I’m like what are those and everyone absorbs one. Muteki comes flying in and beats Chronos into a power-down. We find out my guy Kuroto Dan has inputted a SAVE FEATURE into Ex-Aid’s Muteki.



Now, we finally get to see the boss of this game that Kuroto made. Somebody he hasn’t even seen yet or imagined. I can understand as a game creator, which is all he really wanted. That he’s having the time of his life not only upping the ante of his game on the fly that he currently doesn’t have control. He’s also seeing his game develop further and further beyond his original imagination. Even though he’s a quasi-good guy right now he still has personal interests.

I know from the previews that Chronos is still going to be a thorn in their side and Gamedeus. I’ve also been wondering will Kuroto remain sided with Emu and the gang? At some point, will he switch sides again? I’m not sure, but if he did another flip I wouldn’t be surprised. Now that were in the final stage of the show, I wonder what will happen to Kuroto at the end of the show. I watched episode 41 twice just because of Kuroto’s antics. Lol, the show is so intriguing this has been one of the greater Kamen Rider series!!!



Mid-Season SuperHero Time 2017 Update

What can I say this has been another one of those great seasons of the Super Hero Time television block. The pairing of this season’s Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and Super Sentai’s  Uchuu Sentai KyuuRanger. These shows are going great, great story, great characters, great abilites. This is a grand slam season for Super Hero Time.

It seems we are coming up to the end of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. A lot has happened, a ton of character development and revelations. We still aren’t done yet, it’s almost like they just restarted the show. That’s how good we’re talking Ex-Aid makes me feel. Emu hits level 99 with the ability to rewrite programs and I’m thinking he’s invincible. Guess again, if you’re not watching start now.

KyuuRanger is surprising me every episode or every two episodes. We’re coming up on the middle or climax of the show I believe. This show isn’t close to unraveling some of the mysteries and I have no idea how this is going to work out. Each member has his own talents, cool abilities, and they really work as a team. They’re really breaking the mold with this one!!





Silver Fang/Rei & Garo Golden Knight/ ‎Kouga Saejima

Hey, don’t forget about Zero Dragon Blood. It was just 13 episodes so it ended a while ago but it was another good one. I love the Silver Fang in Rei, we see he can turn it up another level. I wonder just how strong he really is, he seems to be right under Garo in turns of strength and power. Catch up with me! I get my Tokusatsu from Tv-Nihon.



Uchuu Sentai KyuuRanger

So far not much is known about Toei’s 41st Super Sentai series show. We have the name of this group of heroes as Uchuu Sentai KyuuRanger. We have a teaser video from TV-Nihon that shows that we have nine total Rangers in this group. They seem to be based off a space zodiac constellation theme. I’m not sure. What do you think? This season of the series starts February 12th in Japan, TV-Nihon will probably start having it a week or two after them. Stay tuned for updates!!

The Silver Fanged Knight!!

Zero Dragon Blood is here!!! Fujita Ray reprises his role as Rei Suzumura aka Zero the Silver Fanged Makai Knight. He originally appeared in the Garo tokusatsu live-action series alongside the Golden Makai Knight. Garo is a show about people chosen to fight against demons or “Horrors” and other things that appear at night. Inga Horrors are the basic simple less powerful forms of Horrors, typically can be easily dispatched.

Most times Makai Knights are paired with a Makai Priest which can be a woman or man. Makai Knights tend to only be men though, they continually train and protect people. Once a certain level has been reached they gain a weapon particular to that person. The next level is to gain the Makai Armor, which is a great fighting armor that amplifies their powers and weapon. They are then able to fight and dispatch higher level demons. There is a one-minute time limit on the suit though, and then they must wait a while to summon it again. The highest level a Makai Knight can reach is Garo, a golden armor, with a special golden sword, a golden horse and unimaginable power ups.

Zero/Rei Suzumura

Fujita Ray’s character now has his own show a spin-off of Garo, Zero Dragon Blood. His character Zero has a dual wielding short sword style or dual blade style. When he summons his armor he is known as the Silver Fang Knight. His blades become actual huge swords in a two sword style. Since Garo is his best friend it seems he’s just slightly less as strong as Garo. There can only be one Garo at a time in the same timeline. You can get this awesome show from TV-Nihon.

A Gamer First and Then A Doctor!!!

Game Start!! Wow, I’ve finally jumped into Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and I LOVE IT!! This tokusatsu show from the Kamen Rider series is the 27th edition. It’s part of Toei’s Super Hero Time Television Block with Super Sentai. The main theme is retro gaming or video games.

Kamen Riders always transform with some form of belt and multiple inputs. In this season the belt has slots for gaming cartridges, with each cartridge giving different power-ups. There is even leveling up to make matters even more interesting.

In this show our main hero Emu Hojo is an intern doctor, but firstly he’s a master level gamer. Gamer M is his code-name when he’s in gaming mode. Through a series of events we find out that people are getting video game viruses in real life. The virus is called Bugster and only doctors compatible with the Gamer Driver can defeat the virus. The Gamer Driver is this seasons’ Kamen Rider Belt.

Emu gains a belt and transforms to Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, with the Mighty Action X gashat (cartridge). Later he finds that there are other doctors that are Kamen Riders too. Each Rider has their own original abilities. Even the Rider that is the motorcycle of the show.

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Level Three (Middle) with other Riders on Level Three


There is a main villain at this point Black Ex-Aid, and his henchmen that are somehow orchestrating things. It’s a great show so far and it might make my top ten Kamen Rider list.


Check it out I get it through Tv-Nihon!!

Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger

Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger is the 40th anniversary of Super Sentai and the second wild animal series. It’s part of Toei’s “Super Hero Time,” slot along with the Kamen Rider Series in this series there is a world parallel to ours called the Zyuland. This world is full of animals that take on a human type form. They can also transform full animal or to full human. Yamamoto our main character came into contact with a Zyuman of an eagle form as a child. He’s given something that will change is life forever. There is a gateway to Zyuland and Yamamoto finds it as an adult. In a chain reaction some Zyuman get trapped here with Yamamoto when trying to get back to our Earth.

The main enemy then appears an intergalactic space poacher group and we have the blending of show. The Zyuman and Yamamoto must team up to become a force to protect both worlds. It’s a good Super Sentai series for some, but for me it’s not so hot. I actually stopped watching it mid-season, but I want to finish the show for completion. It just didn’t grab me enough, but judge the show for yourself.




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