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Mid-Season SuperHero Time 2017 Update

What can I say this has been another one of those great seasons of the Super Hero Time television block. The pairing of this season’s Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and Super Sentai’s  Uchuu Sentai KyuuRanger. These shows are going great, great story, great characters, great abilites. This is a grand slam season for Super Hero Time.

It seems we are coming up to the end of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. A lot has happened, a ton of character development and revelations. We still aren’t done yet, it’s almost like they just restarted the show. That’s how good we’re talking Ex-Aid makes me feel. Emu hits level 99 with the ability to rewrite programs and I’m thinking he’s invincible. Guess again, if you’re not watching start now.

KyuuRanger is surprising me every episode or every two episodes. We’re coming up on the middle or climax of the show I believe. This show isn’t close to unraveling some of the mysteries and I have no idea how this is going to work out. Each member has his own talents, cool abilities, and they really work as a team. They’re really breaking the mold with this one!!





Silver Fang/Rei & Garo Golden Knight/ ‎Kouga Saejima

Hey, don’t forget about Zero Dragon Blood. It was just 13 episodes so it ended a while ago but it was another good one. I love the Silver Fang in Rei, we see he can turn it up another level. I wonder just how strong he really is, he seems to be right under Garo in turns of strength and power. Catch up with me! I get my Tokusatsu from Tv-Nihon.




Uchuu Sentai KyuuRanger

So far not much is known about Toei’s 41st Super Sentai series show. We have the name of this group of heroes as Uchuu Sentai KyuuRanger. We have a teaser video from TV-Nihon that shows that we have nine total Rangers in this group. They seem to be based off a space zodiac constellation theme. I’m not sure. What do you think? This season of the series starts February 12th in Japan, TV-Nihon will probably start having it a week or two after them. Stay tuned for updates!!

Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger

Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger is the 40th anniversary of Super Sentai and the second wild animal series. It’s part of Toei’s “Super Hero Time,” slot along with the Kamen Rider Series in this series there is a world parallel to ours called the Zyuland. This world is full of animals that take on a human type form. They can also transform full animal or to full human. Yamamoto our main character came into contact with a Zyuman of an eagle form as a child. He’s given something that will change is life forever. There is a gateway to Zyuland and Yamamoto finds it as an adult. In a chain reaction some Zyuman get trapped here with Yamamoto when trying to get back to our Earth.

The main enemy then appears an intergalactic space poacher group and we have the blending of show. The Zyuman and Yamamoto must team up to become a force to protect both worlds. It’s a good Super Sentai series for some, but for me it’s not so hot. I actually stopped watching it mid-season, but I want to finish the show for completion. It just didn’t grab me enough, but judge the show for yourself.




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Howdy, Introduction!!

Hi, I’m a Journalistic Student, taking names and kicking butt. Funny huh? But really I created this blog for one of my classes. I love the anime and Japanese culture and I am an otaku. This blog will be about all of that: anime shows, manga, reviews, Japanese culture, news, music, and tokusatsu.

If you didn’t know, tokusatsu. is a Japanese term that applies to any live-action film or television drama that features considerable use of special effects (tokusatsu literally translates as “special filming” in Japanese). Some examples are Godzilla, black and white/ technicolor Godzilla that I’m not really a fan. Then my favorite is the Super Sentai, Metal Shows, Ultraman, and finally Kamen Rider.

Most Americans know these shows as something different. Super Sentai’s American equivalent is Power Rangers, yes it’s an adaptation straight from the Japanese show. In Japan each season has a new team, characters, villains, and story. Power Rangers started from the 90’s and it is still morphing today on nickelodeon.

Metal shows’ American equivalent is Big Bad Beetleborgs. Remember that one way back in 96-98? Yes, loved it awesome. How about VR troopers 94-96? Jogging that memory yet?


Ultraman is a barely known one; but the American equivalent I know mostly was Super Human Samurai Cyber Squad. It starred Matthew Lawrence in 1994-1995, how about that?


Kamen Rider made an American debut twice with neither time really catching fans hearts. The first edition was Masked Rider, bug space morphing hero that rode on a motorcycle. It was actually good, but ran for one full year in 95-96. Just like with Super Sentai in Japan each season of Kamen Rider has a new story and rider. The second American debut was named Kamen Rider Dragon Knight; which also ran for one full year. Although in 2010, Dragon Knight was nominated for and won the Daytime for “Outstanding Stunt Coordination”, a category introduced to the Daytime Emmys that year.

Kamen Rider Decade

Yes, I was introduced to all of these American properties and it opened a portal. I now keep up with every season of Kamen Rider and Super Sentai that comes out in Japan. Probably why I can be called an Otaku, but I don’t use the term.