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Ryuga Is Back for Another Garo Series

Ryuga Dogai is coming back with another Garo spin-off. We last say Ryuga, Rian, new sidekick in the axe wielding knight Daigo, and Gald another Makai Priest at his side as they fought off evil Decade. No, but it was Jinga a high-level gone evil Makai Knight.

This time around it seems Ryuga and Rian are back with his previous other two knights in the original Ryuga story. I can’t wait to see this Garo it just hurts that I can’t see more Kouga Saejima; Ryuga’s predecessor as Garo The Golden Knight. Zero is done with his spin-off too. I can’t wait to see how much more Ryuga has developed as Garo. Check out the Trailer below by the guys at TV-Nihon.


The Silver Fanged Knight!!

Zero Dragon Blood is here!!! Fujita Ray reprises his role as Rei Suzumura aka Zero the Silver Fanged Makai Knight. He originally appeared in the Garo tokusatsu live-action series alongside the Golden Makai Knight. Garo is a show about people chosen to fight against demons or “Horrors” and other things that appear at night. Inga Horrors are the basic simple less powerful forms of Horrors, typically can be easily dispatched.

Most times Makai Knights are paired with a Makai Priest which can be a woman or man. Makai Knights tend to only be men though, they continually train and protect people. Once a certain level has been reached they gain a weapon particular to that person. The next level is to gain the Makai Armor, which is a great fighting armor that amplifies their powers and weapon. They are then able to fight and dispatch higher level demons. There is a one-minute time limit on the suit though, and then they must wait a while to summon it again. The highest level a Makai Knight can reach is Garo, a golden armor, with a special golden sword, a golden horse and unimaginable power ups.

Zero/Rei Suzumura

Fujita Ray’s character now has his own show a spin-off of Garo, Zero Dragon Blood. His character Zero has a dual wielding short sword style or dual blade style. When he summons his armor he is known as the Silver Fang Knight. His blades become actual huge swords in a two sword style. Since Garo is his best friend it seems he’s just slightly less as strong as Garo. There can only be one Garo at a time in the same timeline. You can get this awesome show from TV-Nihon.