Bleach Anime Returns for Final Finale

Anime Pad is a colossal Bleach fan from Jump, pun intended. We’ve been watching the show wayyy before it hit the U.S. market. Shhhh… anyway, yes, we eventually had problems … Continue readingBleach Anime Returns for Final Finale

Hey, It’s Johnny Yong Bosch!!

Catching up with Johnny Yong Bosch at Anime Senpai was great. We talked about all the latest with him acting and voice-over work. We talked about the latest talks with … Continue readingHey, It’s Johnny Yong Bosch!!

Anime Senpai Sophomore Season

Hello, everyone so we hit Anime Senpai up for its second year or what they call is their sophomore season. It was hosted in Collinsville, Illinois at the Gateway Convention … Continue readingAnime Senpai Sophomore Season

Behind the Demon Slayer Dubb Cast & Thoughts

Zach Aguilar and Abby Trott lead the cast of the highly anticipated English dub of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba   Aniplex of America released the English dub trailer of … Continue readingBehind the Demon Slayer Dubb Cast & Thoughts

Yo-Kai Watch: The Movie Event

Yo-Kai Watch is a Japanese anime that has been dubbed over in America. It currently airs on Disney XD and is on the way to its 3rd season. The show … Continue readingYo-Kai Watch: The Movie Event

Digimon Returns to Theatres

Digimon is an anime (Japanese Animation) television show, that came to life in 1999, and resembled Pokemon. The show is about the life of eight pre-teens: Tai, Matt, Izzy, Joe, … Continue readingDigimon Returns to Theatres