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We Still Aren’t Done with Frieza

          Big time spoiler alert!! Fair warning!! I’m not sure what’s going on with this show anymore. The direction it’s going in is mind blowing, you can tell my guy (Akira Toriyama) the original author is behind the storyline. Yes, Dragon Ball Super started off amazing and just kept on getting better and better. So many unanswered questions from Dragonball Z were getting answers finally. Then these last two weeks’ episodes aired and to me the show took a turn.


Here we have Goku supposedly the mighty protagonist of our show, not only teaming up with everyone’s sworn enemy. He also promised to bring him back to life if he made good on their deal. Are you crazy Goku? Even Vegeta my fav anti-hero, is like Goku you’ve lost your mind. We can not make deals with Frieza!! The one enemy that only has one goal in life and it’s to destroy earth and all your pals and their associates. WHAT?? I’m going to stay strong and keep the faith though.


Toriyama must be trying to finally wrap this entire notion of Frizea up; I’m not sure where he’s going with this. If Frizea fights in the tourney he’ll only get stronger, so I assume one of the gods of the universe will deal with him. Vegeta and Goku are up for the challenge of defeating him again. While they both have gotten stronger since putting Frizea down and going through the Black Goku saga. Still were talking about someone that jumped up to their level in 3-6 months. Come on Toriyama, don’t make this Dragon Ball GT!!

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Gohan Is Back!

Oh, boy!! All spoilers!! Are you caught up in Dragonball Super? You better be! If you still have the bitter taste of how they treated the character Gohan in Dragonball Z after the Cell and Buu Saga. Well heeeeee’sssss Baaaccckkk!! Gohan realized how weak he was versus Frieza in the beginning of Dragonball Super. I mean he couldn’t protect anyone if Goku and Vegeta were away. He almost died, Gohan has never come that close to death. Goku and Vegeta show up though and save the day.

Really, though if you look at Gohan at this stage in his life. He’s super smart and he’s trying to make a living for his family. Dude you’re have alien for crying out loud. You married Videl and have one daughter. Videl’s dad happens to be the richest guy on the planet right next to Bulma. Really, why do you need money or a super elite career?

Mr. Satan

Well, the situation of Earth being all peaceful is over thanks to Goku and Vegeta getting involved with the gods. It’s time to step up Gohan, so he starts training again. He’s basically starting from nothing. He’s lost muscles, power levels, warrior instinct, strength, and then still hasn’t overcome the one crutch even Goku finally overcame. The ability to not take an opponent lightly and utterly crush them. Like father like son they say huh, Son Gohan?

gods of Different Universes

In his bouts of training each person he trains with he opens one of the keys to getting back to that hint hint form he had when he fought Buu. Goku takes him on one of the Universal tournament trips and he tests his ability for the first time in a long time. He doesn’t do very well. More training is needed.  Even Krillin basically out smarts him and takes him out. To which Goku looks on and basically shakes his head, like that’s your level now?


So, stepdad of the universe, Piccolo is like hey let’s go off like in the old days and train. I’m talking we’re going back to ’97 Dragonball Z training. Living in the wilderness and living off the land training. You must remember Saiyans get a Zenkai Boost when taken to their limit, almost to death. Piccolo is thrashing Gohan the entire time, and gets him to Super Saiyan Two, then Piccolo whoops him again. Gohan then goes Mystic/Ultimate, boom we’re back to where he last was.  We get this pause then and Piccolo let’s two of the biggest cats out of the bag.

One, Gohan hasn’t finished an opponent in a long-time. The more power he gets the cockier he gets, it’s something akin to what Goku does. They never outright finish people, either too nice or too cocky. When you have your foot on the throat crush them completely. Two, Piccolo tells him you should be able to move to the next level like everyone else. We’ve seen Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks attain God level and if not God level it’s something unique to their ability.

Ultimate Gohan vs. Super Buu with absorbed Gotenks

What is this level that Gohan can achieve? I’d hope that it’s not just another God level Super Saiyan. While cool, I’d think there’d be something more unique to him. If Mystic/Ultimate is better than him going Super Saiyan, then there must be a better level than Super Saiyan God mode for me. That’s what I’m wishing for, but if not I’m just happy he’s BACK!!


Pop-Culture Explosion In Saint Louis

Bald, big arms, with a Navy Tattoo dedicated to his father, Benjamin Sawyer resembles Popeye the Sailor Man. He is a comic book artist and colorist that is in the rows and rows of tables and booths known as Artist Alley. He says, “Hello, check out my art and what can I draw for you today?” Wizard World Saint Louis’ Comic-con, is a pop culture event which is held downtown in America’s Center Convention Complex every year since 2013.

Sawyer, 36, of St. Louis, is just one of many artists and vendors selling services and items. While cosplayers roamed the isles and asked to take photos of each other, they could also purchase commissions, prints, comics, games, toys, clothing, custom lightsabers, shields, and etc.… In particular sections guests can play against each other in card games, board games, and board strategy games. Photo booths were in multiple sections of the floor just waiting for eager enthusiasts to swipe their credit card. It’s a social event unlike any other for people who love comics, movies, games, cosplay, anime, TV shows, and more.

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Screams can be heard as fans wait in line to see TV stars, chat a little, and snap pictures for a nominal fee. Jason David Frank an American actor that played the role of, “Tommy,” who took on multiple forms of Power Rangers. Also a real-life Black belt martial artist, he gives out a loud Kiai. Which is a martial arts shout that usually accompanies an attack or expresses confidence. Marvel is represented really well with actors Charlie Cox and Elden Henson from the Netflix show Daredevil. Mike Colter actor that portrays as Luke Cage, on the show Jessica Jones and the forthcoming Luke Cage show this September. James Marsters is letting fans have a good time talking to them, naturally a brunette, he has dyed his curly locks platinum blonde. He now looks exactly like he did on Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show as, “Spike.” More celebs and well-known artists are throughout the con.

James Marsters and Roderick Wilbon


Panels were abundant and the major ones were with stars of Marvel shows, Star Trek, and Doctor Who. David Tennant the 10th Doctor and Matt Smith the 11th Doctor had the biggest audience. Panels are interviews essentially were press and fans can learn about the actor and their respective platform. Fans can also usually get in a quick Q & A, which is one of the highlights of panels. Super fans can pay a fee and sit exceptionally close to the stage. Saint Louis Community College’s own Deaf Communications Professor Eric Driskill interpreted the panels for the impaired, while cosplaying as a Trekkie. William Shatner portrayed Captain Kirk in Star Trek the 1960s TV show. His panel happened to be what Driskill looked forward too, and afterwards Driskill said, “It was great, he was funny!!”

William Shatner Panel

New this year to Wizard World is the introduction of, “Wizard World Gaming.” They brought in video games recently released and some unreleased here in the United States. Stations were set up for guests to play video games such as Naruto Storm 4, Street Fighter V, and unreleased One Piece: Burning Blood, and unreleased Tekken 7. Old-school 8-bit games were even around for pc players. Some well-known gamers were there to help train guests and host tournaments for prizes and cash. Steve Scott, 29, born in Saint Louis that now resides in Calif is a Video Game Commentator and host for Wizard World. When asked about the new video gaming addition he states, “They spared no expense in putting this together for fans and guests, its great!!”

@tasty_steve Gaming Host and Commentator for Wizard World