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Sony Makes Bold Move In Anime Industry


I can not believe this move that Sony just made. They clearly are telling the world that they will be the card holders for Anime. Reported by Anime News Network


Sony today bought a huge stake in Funimation to be the majority shareholder of the company. Apparently, Sony is keeping CEO Gen Fukunaga on board and as a minority holder. So, what does this mean for the partnership between Funimation and Crunchyroll? Sony is the competition if they continue with Crackle yet also retain Funimation.

Maybe this is just the last chess piece before Sony makes a move on Crunchyroll. They seem to be the only one standing in their way to complete domination of streaming and distributing anime across the world. It absolutely would make sense when every year Crunchyroll doubles in size and content.






New Spin On the Anime Hero Business!!

Oh, my, goodness, can I get a Missouri Smash?? Lol, if you know what I’m saying. Maybe you know where I got that from? How about the new hero society anime show, “My Hero Academia?” The show is different than anything out with the superhero type stuff and done by Funimation. I’ve been hearing about it for months and seeing pictures as I pass through the net. I keep reading that it’s amazing and all these other accolades. Well, I blew all of that off and didn’t take notice. Just the other day a fellow writer at PoliteAsFlannels.com did a review on the show. I happen to see it and I took notice quickly. He gave the show high praise.

My Hero Academia, season one, is a quick run through. Kohei Horikoshi is the original creator of the manga for the show. This is his first major hit from his work, and the skies the limit. The director Kenji Nagasaki has worked on some big titles such as: Tenjho Tenge, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, and Monster. The production company behind the show is Studio BONES, who isn’t known for hits. This show from top to bottom is great. The show looks like a manga that can move, the animation switches from time to time. It keeps you on your toes for the full 25 minutes. The story is even better than I thought half-way through season one.

Our main character Izuku Midoriya lives in a world where 90% of the population has talents or superpowers; known as Quirks. He studies heroes and villains and wants to be the greatest hero of all time. One issue though Midoriya is of the 10% without a Quirk. Suddenly one day he shows he’s worthy to be a hero by none other than his idol, “All Might.” What does that mean though? Check out the show and deem it as one of your favs. Let me know what you think in the comments.

The Attack Is Back On Titans!!!

Funimation released a statement a couple weeks ago if you hadn’t heard. They have officially bought the rights to season two of, “Attack on Titan.” The bloody horror show about giants that feast off human-kind is coming back in April 2017. When the show ended in 2013 the manga creator Hajime Isayama barely had enough material for another chapter. Now we are far out, more than three-years from the first seasons end.

Tetsuro Araki is the main director for the show and they pack just the right amount of action, horror, mystery, and emotion into each episode. The show has a huge team behind it almost on the level of a major theatrical movie. Pony Canyon, Dentsu, Production I.G, Kodansha all have a hand in the production of the show. Attack on Titan took Americans by storm, the fan-base took off immediately and anime fans wanted more. It seems with the years going by it lost a little steam with fans; as more anime continued to be released. Years past there were a million cosplay fans and now it’s seemed to have dwindled down. Without a shadow of a doubt when this show returns with the second season the fans will be invigorated anew!! Are you excited? Let me know in the comments!!

Historical Anime Mayhem

     Has anyone heard of or seen Drifters yet? It’s a crazy fantasy action historical anime based in another world. Currently Funimation is producing it in English dub and it airs on Crunchyroll in subtitles. The animation and art is great and super appealing to the eye.  It’s a great, funny, bloody, twist on our history. I love it and would love to hear others take on the show. It’s directed by Kenichi Suzuki, who also did JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. The story and manga was created by Kouta Hirano; who’s other major success was Hellsing.

      The show is about historical figures from our world being transported to another dimension right before their death. Figures from Japan, Europe, Asia, and America and all timelines. In this new dimension they are perfectly alive and have all the experience and knowledge of their lives. This world grants them abilities beyond the norm and there seems to be a reason they are all here.  Check it out and let me know what you think. Leave a comment and follow me for more talk.

Maids, Masters and Manga at Anime STL

Goofy, fun, the thumbs up is his trademark, tons of enthusiasm are all words that describe Sam Coleman, a 25-year-old FV student, and KCFV radio DJ. Currently a communications major at Saint Louis Community College Florissant Valley campus, he’s pursing a career in voice acting. His on-air name is JazzHandss. It’s his call-sign right before he does an interview here at Anime Saint Louis. Coleman is dashing behind the booths set up for comic artists with all of the guest stars of Anime Saint Louis (ASL). “This is awesome,” Coleman said excitedly. Anime Saint Louis (ASL) is an everything anime/Japanese influenced cultural convention held every year in the Saint Louis region.

Jake Paque and Sam Coleman from STLCC
Sam Coleman (left) with Jake Paque (right)

Coleman was one of hundreds of attendees at the 2016 ASL expo that took place recently at the Embassy Suites Hotel and Embassy Suites Convention Center in Saint Charles, Mo. It barely contains all the fandom, cosplayers’ faces are lighting up bright when seeing some of their favorite characters others wore. Many of them jumped around, squeal as they enjoy each other’s company. Contact information was exchanged between many cosplayers. Groups of friends are showing up dressed as the entire cast of anime shows. Sports animes have a big showing such as Haikyuu!! and Kuroko no Basket. Other genres make appearances such as Marvel Comics characters, video game characters, movie characters, etc.…

Kuroko no Basket
Kuroko from Kuroko no Basket

Even the hotel restaurants and cafes convert to the anime-themed festivities. The convention center has a small café offered a special meal deal for attendees of the event. Sweet and sour chicken and a vegetable rice bowl. Hot paninis, sandwiches, salads, chips and healthy sides are also available. Lunch time for all the attendees is a mass of anime characters eating and chatting. Some are resting in the Cosplatality Lounge, which is a media free, picture free, relax zone for attendees. Attendees also use the room to fix their gear and cosplay outfits.

The dealer room holds rows and rows of collectibles, t-shirts, anime DVDs, manga, Zoids model kits, cosplay outfits, and for some reason a Build-A-Bear booth. There were a couple of booths for one-on-one interactions with the guest stars Chuck Huber, Jake Paque, Elizabeth Maxwell, and Kara Eberle, all of whom voice act for different anime cartoons throughout the year. Most well known among them is Chuck Huber, one of the pioneers of American voice acting for animes. Huber’s work dates back to the 80’s with Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Yu Yu Hakusho, when Funimation barely had money. Any panel the voice actors attend has the crowd roaring, especially when they can hear and talk to the character the voice actor portrays.

Maid Cafe Tea, games, dessert
Playing the Hello Kitty version of Sorry! with Maids and Tea

In the hotel itself the buffet area was turned into the Honey Tea Maid Café. This is the place where customers become masters and servers are maids. It’s an entirely different world taken from Japanese culture and animes. Teas of different varieties named after very popular anime characters and served on beautiful white china. With tea, guests receive beautifully arranged fresh fruits and desserts. Maids play board games with patrons between sips of tea. Then they have a segment every 30 minutes where the maids do a small concert and dance. Patrons cheer on their personal maid, howl and clap for their performance.

Finally, ASL has two giant rooms for games. The biggest room is for the attendees that want to face each other in board games and card games like Pokémon, Yugi-oh, Magic and Star Wars X-Wing. They even had a couple of booths set up to purchase more cards and the actual board games. The second room was for video gaming, where attendees enjoyed games such as DDR Stage, Street Fighter Five, Left 4 Dead 1-2, Rock Band 4, the new Pokémon fighting game, and tons of other old and new classics.
For more info, go to http://www.animestl.net.