Updates On DragonBall Tour

Earlier we wrote an article about the Dragon Ball North America Tour 2018. At the time they just had a vague website with a vague trailer. Based off the information … Continue readingUpdates On DragonBall Tour

Why the Mysterious Dragon Ball Tour?!

  Today Toei Animation announced a Dragon Ball Tour across North America. I quickly went to find info on such as to why this would be taking place. I can … Continue readingWhy the Mysterious Dragon Ball Tour?!

Anime Pad Wheels Up

  Hey everyone great news here at Anime Pad……!!!! We’ve been invited out to Crunchyroll’s 2017 Expo, in Santa Clara, CA.  We will also attend MAGWest Gaming Culture Convention. We … Continue readingAnime Pad Wheels Up

Gohan Is Back!

Oh, boy!! All spoilers!! Are you caught up in Dragonball Super? You better be! If you still have the bitter taste of how they treated the character Gohan in Dragonball … Continue readingGohan Is Back!