Dragon Ball Super: Broly Hits Big with $1O Million Gross

It’s been four years since the franchise Dragon Ball last came out with a theatrical release. That movie Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F, reset the franchises future with the original … Continue readingDragon Ball Super: Broly Hits Big with $1O Million Gross

Remastered Throwback Dragon Ball Z Movies

Fathom Events and Toei Animation are at it again. They continue to tempt us with these great anime movie drops. If you were like me and couldn’t wait to get … Continue readingRemastered Throwback Dragon Ball Z Movies

Digimon Returns to Theatres

Digimon is an anime (Japanese Animation) television show, that came to life in 1999, and resembled Pokemon. The show is about the life of eight pre-teens: Tai, Matt, Izzy, Joe, … Continue readingDigimon Returns to Theatres

Otakus and Body Slams

Two nouns you usually don’t place together in the same convention building is happening. Those two nouns are otakus and wrestlers at this year’s NatsuCon on July 22th-24th. NatsuCon is … Continue readingOtakus and Body Slams