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Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Ep. 41


I love Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. It’s one of those from top to bottom super good seasons. Episode 41 is like the culmination of where we finally thought we’d get too. It finally puts us into the end game pun intended of the series. A lot of things wrapped up after episode 39-40 threw us for some huge loops.


Let me start off by saying Dan Kuroto (Tetsuya Iwanaga) is my favorite character on the show. We’re talking about a prodigy and a mastermind genius turned savior of the show. Not only has he pushed most of the characters to the best of their own abilities, but he’s still upping his own game. The very game that was taken from him, he’s still making better from the sideline.

Episode 39 Masamune Kuroto’s father (‎Hiroyuki Takami) gains the reset ability stripping the characters of all the progress they made in defeating him. Emu loses Muteki and we think all is lost, right after Parado and Emu had joined forces. Putting Emu back into his Gamer M state of mind. I sat here at a loss for words, wondering where do we go, and how can they beat Chronos?? This guy can just reset each time.


Enter Dan Kuroto my man with all his antics. He and Emu are trying to update the Muteki to beat the reset of Chronos. I wasn’t sure what they could do and Kuroto felt the same after two classic game overs from overworking him-self.  No worries we find out his continues have reset also, lol. Will Kuroto and Emu figure something out we don’t know.

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Finally, I’d been waiting on this battle for a long time. Blade and Snipe finally get their revenge on Graphite; but not before Chronos tries to interfere. We find out Graphite just wanted to always fight and have battles. He was the only major Bugster that was setup for that type of game. Which is why I could understand his stance against joining Poppy and Parado.


So Chronos is going to stop everyone from summoning the boss of the game with reset. Oh, boy and at first it seemed like it worked, but then the Gashats continue into the sky. I go whoa what happened and then these Ex-Aid coins appear. I’m like what are those and everyone absorbs one. Muteki comes flying in and beats Chronos into a power-down. We find out my guy Kuroto Dan has inputted a SAVE FEATURE into Ex-Aid’s Muteki.



Now, we finally get to see the boss of this game that Kuroto made. Somebody he hasn’t even seen yet or imagined. I can understand as a game creator, which is all he really wanted. That he’s having the time of his life not only upping the ante of his game on the fly that he currently doesn’t have control. He’s also seeing his game develop further and further beyond his original imagination. Even though he’s a quasi-good guy right now he still has personal interests.

I know from the previews that Chronos is still going to be a thorn in their side and Gamedeus. I’ve also been wondering will Kuroto remain sided with Emu and the gang? At some point, will he switch sides again? I’m not sure, but if he did another flip I wouldn’t be surprised. Now that were in the final stage of the show, I wonder what will happen to Kuroto at the end of the show. I watched episode 41 twice just because of Kuroto’s antics. Lol, the show is so intriguing this has been one of the greater Kamen Rider series!!!




Not Really a Reflection of Stan Lee!


You all know the great Stan Lee the Godfather of most of your favorite Marvel characters. Possibly, the greatest comic book maker ever in American history. The #GOAT of American comics, debate me on that. Well, if you didn’t know he’s been venturing into creating his own manga and animes. Not to anyone’s surprise they’ve been superb thus far. His new project Reflection, well who can I blame this on besides Lee?

X-Men, Ironman, Wolverine, Blade

His first four titles for anime were X-Men, Wolverine, Iron Man, and Blade. The shows aired in Japan from 2010 to 2011. Stan Lee and Warren Ellis shared writing credits and Marvel gave the green light for free range. From top to bottom the project was meant to boom, add Madhouse the mega popular animation studio for a long time running about 4-5 years ago, when these aired. They included great voice- acting on both sides of English and Japanese. It was HOT and very successful.


Then Lee announces a Manga through Shonen Jump called Ultimo. The concept was hugely Stan Lee and yet the story and art was credited to Hiroyuki Takei. I loved the series, enjoyed the story, and the art was amaze-balls. I don’t think it boomed in the States, but I’ve seen it plenty around. Lee couldn’t be stopped he was on an absolute tear for his anime/manga inspired projects.


Then he comes out with the Heroman Manga and Anime. Written by Stan Lee and illustrated by Tamon Ohta. The anime was animated by recent heavy hitter Bones, along with Stan Lee’s Pow! Entertainment, and Wowmax Media. It had a super solid 26 episodes, great story, great animation, great music, nothing was left un-turned. Music by Flow and Tetsuya of L’Arc-en-Ciel wow big timers in and out of anime. To put the show in perspective it was like Gurren Lagann, but Americanized. Same wavelength and if you know Gurren Lagann it’s a classic.

Gurren Lagann

We haven’t seen Lee in a while on the anime and manga seen; since Marvel Studios has blown up with its live-action films of Stan Lee’s greatest characters. Until I heard of his Reflection project, and the excitement came immediately. The show started airing this 2017 Summer Season in Japan. Two episodes in and I’m highly disappointed and I’m not too sure why or who made this call. The show’s story is solid thus far and is pretty much the only reason I’m watching. Lee decided to go with this strange animation style with production from Studio Deen.


Studio Deen hasn’t done too much lately as far as blockbuster worthy anime. They are a respectable animation studio. I’m just not too sure why they would go with the project this way. 1) It doesn’t fit not one bit with the current climate of animation that the huge animes are coming out with. 2) It’s just not visually appealing at all because it doesn’t look like anime. At best Reflection is a good American cartoon with subtitles and Japanese audio. I will finish the show for the great story mind of Stan Lee but this is a fail when it comes to his talent. Maybe it’s is health, age, and wife’s passing that brought this on. Who do I blame?? Comment as always!

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