8C Company Flag Project

So continuing with the theme of the Express Team Wave Company or E.T.W. I created a company flag for them. Here’s how it came out.


Express Team Wave



I choose a majority of the tetradic color scheme company’s colors only the red was added in that wasn’t apart of the company. The red comes in for Japan’s rising sun off their national flag. This is a media company that creates content surrounding anime. Wether it’s from Japan or the United States the news travels. I’ve included symbolism from both states. In regards to the media I used a microphone to represent news, insight, timely, content.


Express Team Wave


As you can see I added “Naruto,” a very famous anime character to the microphone flag to round out the company flag. The critique I received discussed that Naruto wouldn’t be seen from a distance. Which I did think about, but I’ve decided to leave it. It’s more like an accent if you have a personal version of the flag.


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