Sonic the Hedgehog (My Thoughts) Movie Review

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The Wonderland Review

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Anime NYC and “Weathering With You” Review

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The Future of Code Geass & Lelouch

Many of you know and for those that don’t know Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection is a movie that released earlier this year. In this title that continues the … Continue reading The Future of Code Geass & Lelouch

Human Lost Review

Human Lost comes to us in theatres across the U.S. Oct. 22 presented by Funimation films. We heard about this film coming out and caught a trailer at Chicago Comic … Continue reading Human Lost Review

Tokyo Ghoul S Review

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Millennium Actress Review

Fathom Events and Eleven Arts presented Millennium Actress in select theatres on Aug. 13(Subtitle) and 19(Dubbed). The movie was digitally remastered from its first release in 2001. For those that … Continue reading Millennium Actress Review