Sega Genesis Mini 2 Output Reduced Semiconductor Shortage


A few weeks ago, we discussed the Sega Genesis Mini 2, which is set for a release later this year. On the one hand, it is something to be excited about thanks to its inclusion of Sega CD games and a brand new port of the arcade classic Fantasy Zone. On the other hand, one major drawback is that the North American variant will be an Amazon exclusive shipping from Japan. In contrast, SEGA sold the original Sega Genesis Mini at numerous retail chains. Unfortunately, that’s not the only thing fans will have to worry about this time.

Although I initially thought that Sega would pump these out in the predecessor’s capacity, it turns out that the Mini 2 will be extremely limited- at least in North America.

According to a letter recieved by publication arstechnica, the Sega Genesis Mini 2 “…could only be produced in small numbers due to the global semiconductor shortage,”  and the amount of units produced will be ” around one-tenth of the total for the previous Genesis Mini,”


Not to get political, but this might be another reason why Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, visited Taiwan on August 2. Taiwan is the biggest producer of semiconductors in the world. So she might have gone there to make a deal to get their hands on a more significant stockpile of semiconductors for the United States.

While I’m glad it isn’t being produced in limited quantities due to the FOMO (fear of missing out) tactic many companies use to manipulate consumers into opening their wallets ASAP, it’s still concerning. Scalpers and resellers will no doubt take advantage of the limited production, just as they did with the NES and SNES Classic Editions. This is terrible news for anyone who was hyped but may still be weighing their options on how to spend their entertainment budget, but an understandable setback nonetheless.

Pre-orders for the North American Genesis Mini 2 are now being accepted. The unit itself is set to ship starting October 27. You’d better make a certain hedgehog if you want it at MSRP.

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