Anticipated Indie RPG Sea of Stars Delayed To Next Year


Two years ago, we discussed the next up-and-coming release from the same studio that brought us The Messenger in 2018. Sea of Stars was able to shoot way past its initial Kickstarter goals, no doubt thanks to the success of Sabotage’s first game. Although its aesthetics and gameplay harken back to famous 16-bit JRPGS such as Chrono TriggerSea of Stars is ambitious in that it will incorporate platforming and parkour elements and do away with the random encounters those older games established. Unfortunately, it will miss this year entirely, according to a message from the development team that went live last week.

Delays aren’t all that surprising, considering the scope of the project. However, Cuphead has proven that the best indies tend to have lengthy development cycles before they finally see the light of day. So until the project has gone gold, we shouldn’t see any date (or projected quarter) as set in stone. Although, quite a few games (including the AAA and indie scene at this point) get delayed with little to show for it in this console generation. I feel Sabotage is simply trying to maintain a good track record following The Messenger instead of peddling junk out in digital shops that muddle the waters more with 5 and 6/10 territory titles.

At the very least, there is a silver lining to this- we may very well get a demo to hold us over. As mentioned in the letter above, the devs are “looking at options to get a playable slice out to everyone this year.”

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