Otakon 2022 Brings My Hero Academia Music Composer


Otakon 2022 will be action-packed and bring you overseas musical guests as usual. In addition, they’re announcing arguably the latest great music composer in anime today. That’s right, all those anime series that bring those epic dramatic moments, and the music is a big part of those moments. We’re talking, jumping out of our seats, and yelling.

Anime composer Yuki Hayashi will be a guest at Otakon 2022, according to Otakorp Inc. His works will be part of the Sun and Stars concert on Sunday, with both a chamber orchestra and a rock band playing songs arranged by the composer. The Sun and Stars Otakon Anime Concert will include works from “Inuyasha,” “Haikyu!!,” “My Hero Academia,” and more.

Yuki Hayashi was born in Kyoto in 1980. He was a competitor in rhythmic gymnastics, where the task of selecting the music got him into the world of music. In college, he started composing music without formal training. After college, Yuki learned the basics of track making from Hideo Kobayashi and started his career by composing music for various competitive dances. From his experience as a rhythmic dancer, he derived a unique style, where the emphasis is on the unity between the music and the visual.

His main titles include “My Hero Academia,” “Haikyu!!,” “One Piece Film: Gold,” “Dragon Quest: The Adventure Of Dai,” “Death Parade,” “Gundam Build Fighter” series, “Pokemon,” “Shaman King,” and “Run with the Wind.”

Otakon will be held from July 29-31 in the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Register and get your tickets now!

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