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Massive Eshop Sale Underway Until July 8

Every platform available at the moment is going all out with big summer sales, and the Nintendo Switch is no exception.

You can hop on the Eshop right now and see what’s been heavily marked down (some of the smaller-scale titles and indies are marked down as much as 90 percent). However, I strongly suggest doing your cherry-picking over on Deku Deals since browsing on the console itself is still a slow and tedious process. 

Aside from dozens of indies and titles that always seem to be on sale no matter what season we’re in, there are a lot of heavy hitters in this lineup. According to the handy website mentioned above, quite a few games have been marked down to their lowest price ever. So, after thumbing through, here are some standouts you should consider picking up if you haven’t already!

Rayman Legends (9.99, matches previous low)If you somehow haven’t played this game since its release almost a decade ago and enjoy 2D platformers in any capacity…you no longer have an excuse not to. Although the Switch edition touts the Definitive Edition label, there isn’t much to justify that. Still, it’s a competent port of a fantastic game.

Cuphead (13.99)– If you’ve somehow missed out on this highly successful indie, here’s your chance to snag it right before the release of the long-awaited Delicious Last Course DLC.

River City Girls (20.99)- This is a solid anime-inspired beat ’em up with light RPG elements and has that signature Wayforward aesthetic. The sequel is due up at some point this summer.

Galacticon (2.99, lowest price ever)-  I’m surprised this one’s already been discounted, considering its barely two months old, but it is worth it if you enjoy arcade-style games. The presentation and aesthetics are on par with some indie dev Locomalito’s work- Galacticon goes above and beyond to look and sound like the games that inspired them.

Sega Ages M2 Ports (ranging from 2 to 5 dollars)- As you can see here, just about every game in the Sega Ages lineup is discounted. These are top-of-the-line arcade and console ports handled by the beasts at M2. They have always gone above and beyond to offer something fresh on top of solid emulation in their work. Shinobi, Outrun, Fantasy Zone, and Alex Kidd are among the titles going for just a little more than the price of a burger until July 7.

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