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Sega Announces Sega Genesis Mini 2- Will Include Sega CD Games

The “mini” throwback consoles that have been released within the past few years, such as the Sega Genesis Mini, were arguably the best of the pack. It did not suffer from the same supply shortages as the NES or SNES Classic Edition. The bundled pads had respectable cord lengths (unlike its competition), and Sega’s decision to go with M2 as a partner meant that the emulation was top-notch. There were a few glaring omissions, such as Sonic The Hedgehog 3, but that aside, Sega handled the product exceptionally well.

Last week, the company announced that a sequel known as the Mega Drive Mini 2 was on its way in Japan and Europe. GamesRadar recently confirmed that the console would see a worldwide release, although an exact release date for North America is currently unknown.

As far as the games included are concerned, there’s already quite a bit to be excited about, even though we don’t have the complete list yet. This new micro-console will contain Genesis games and include titles from the often forgotten Sega CD add-on that crashed and burned in the 90s. The titles currently confirmed for the Genesis Mini/Megadrive 2 are:

Sega Genesis stand alone

Sega CD games

Including some of the Sega CD’s heavy hitters (especially Sonic CD) is good news, but perhaps the most exciting game in this lineup is Fantasy Zone. Although European gamers were blessed with Super Fantasy Zone (included on the original Genesis mini) back in the day, this port of the arcade classic is essentially a brand new Genesis game some 30 years later. Sure, there was the Master System port of Fantasy Zone, but it came with some heavy setbacks regarding the presentation and boss characters. However, the trailer makes us believe this brand new conversion appears more faithful to its arcade counterpart. Opa Opa’s fan club will no doubt be pleased.

As mentioned earlier, we currently don’t have a release date for the Genesis Mini 2 in the West, but it has been confirmed that it’ll be launching in late October elsewhere. We may see it stateside by the holiday season and the highly divisive Sonic Frontiers. I’m hoping we’ll see more Sega CD titles in the lineup as it gets revealed- it wouldn’t make sense to launch this without a few FMV (full motion video) titles from the era, such as Night Trap and Sewer Shark.

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