Dream Con 2022 Is Just 2 Dreams Away


It’s 2022, and we’re looking forward to another year of Dream Con. It feels like we just left Dream Con because they’ve been keeping us hype all year long. Not to mention the content that RDCWorld1 has been continually putting out. It just reminds us of the fun we had at the convention.

Here’s what we’re looking forward to for this year’s convention. First off, Dream Con is taking place from July 15th to July 17th in Arlington, Texas. It’s back at the Esports Stadium Arlington, just like the previous year, 2021. Also, parts of the con are back at the connected Sheraton Hotel. Our one concern, though, is how have they adjusted to the overcrowding situation of 2021 at the same venue?

Now, let’s talk, guests! For voice actors, they have some returning guests and new ones. Returning are Zeno Robinson and Gabe Kunda. Both of which are in My Hero Academia, with Zeno being in many other roles as well. New is Dani Chambers’s most significant role (Chise, The Ancient Magus’ Bride), AJ Beckles most prominent roles (Chocolove McDonell aka Joco, Shaman King and Takemichi, Tokyo Revengers), and lastly, Anairis Quinones with many huge roles across video games and anime (Mirko, My Hero Academia, Mito, Sword Art Online Progressive the Movie, and Rika, Jujutsu Kaisen 0: The Movie).

Guest Cosplayers are still yet to be announced, but some will eventually be on board. I can’t wait to see who will feature, and some of the content creators double as cosplayers so that the guest cosplayers might cover it. At any rate, there are far too many cosplayers that can be selected as a guest, so we’ll wait and see.

The big announcement that we confirmed is that Jordan Bentley, Founder of Hypland, will be a guest. You know by now the mega clothing brand for official anime licenses. He’s going to do something crazy and dope, per his words. You can check out the most recent interview we did with him on our YouTube Channel, Anime Pad TV.

We know the gaming tournament is one of the significant components of Dream Con too. The local contest for the attendees and the on-stage tournament between Guest Content Creators and RDCWorld1. We hear that Berleezy and his Eazy gang will be back again to face the group that founded Dream Con.

Lastly, let’s talk about the other guest content creators. After some controversy from the Blerd Content Creators, we’ve seen a considerable reduction of guests or at least listed as guests. Back again is the YouTube series and Netflix on YouTube filmmaker King Vader. King Vader has been putting in much work and content that we’re sure to see at the con. Keats, the hilarious Tiktoker and rapper, is back again also, along with King Vader. We’re excited to see him excite the crowd with his anime raps and laugh at his vids. Newcomer guests are Caleb City, JazzyGuns, Dwayne Kyng, Kiera Please, and Ninjayla.

I’m sure more will happen and some surprises that Dream Con will add between now and the convention. Like Food vendors and food trucks added, the anime cars and Itasha cars will be out again. Also, what will the added Sheraton Hotel space look like, and what will it be there? Possible Maid Cafe and tons more. Fingers crossed! We can’t wait to see how this year turns out. For more information, you can visit Dream Con’s website.

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