Sony May Be Purchasing JRPG Giant Square Enix


The past two years have seen companies and several third-party publishers changing hands and strategies. First, between 2020 and the present, SEGA finally decided to close the book on its arcade legacy. Then, according to some sources, Microsoft snatched up Activision, and Nintendo finally tied the knot with a long-term partner. The subsequent significant acquisition may be Sony picking up a familiar JRPG powerhouse.

The rumor first surfaced on an episode of the web series “PS I Love You XOXO” when former IGN editor and video host Greg Miller mentioned that he heard of a possible Square Enix acquisition from “multiple different sources.”

Square Enix has already trimmed itself down a bit in the previous week by handing off Eidos and Crystal Dynamics (Gex, Tomb Raider, Legacy of Kain/Soul Reaver) to Swedish holding company Embracer GroupForbes believes the company has done this to make it a more palatable acquisition target.

Other rumors suggest that Microsoft could acquire the company, and while Phil Spencer has expressed the desire to pick up a big-name Japanese studio in the past, Square Enix being picked up by Sony is a bit more plausible. This is because both companies are based in Japan, and the long-running history between the two. Square has been publishing games for the Playstation brand since its birth in 1995, with virtually no presence on the competition’s family of consoles.

The acquisition could give Sony an edge in the RPG market and lead to fan-favorite series’ such as Final Fantasy becoming PlayStation exclusives in the future. Sony is set to release its financial results this week, so it’s possible we’ll know whether the rumor is true or not very soon.

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