Streets of Rage Film in Development, Will Be Written by John Wick Creator


There’s no denying that the back-to-back success of Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic The Hedgehog 2 have flipped the script on video game-to-film adaptations. Although Paramount and Sega have joined forces to sculpt a cinematic universe for the latter’s most iconic franchise, Sonic won’t be the only Sega IP to take on Hollywood.

Streets of Rage, a Sega franchise born mere months after Sonic, is the next in line to get the big-screen treatment. While it’s evidently in an early production phase, there’s reason to be excited. dj2 Entertainment (Sonic the Hedgehog 2) will be taking on the project alongside John Wick creator Derek Kolstad. Considering the incredible success of the Sonic sequel and John Wick, it’s safe to say the project is in good hands.

Derek Kolstad

It’s a logical next step in building a Sega cinematic universe that goes beyond just Sonic, in my opinion. Although arcade games such as Altered Beast and Shinobi were undoubtedly crucial in the company’s history, Streets of Rage may be the most recognizable of Sega’s IPs besides the hedgehog when looking at their golden years. After all, it did receive a critically acclaimed sequel back in 2020, spearheaded by the same talent that resurrected the Wonder Boy franchise.

One huge wish I have for this film is that it has some of the tunes from the games. Yuzo Koshiro’s work on the Genesis trilogy was a massive part of what made Streets of Rage. On top of this, the OSTs proved that the console was just as capable as the Super NES in the sound department. So while the cynic believes we’re probably just going to get a lot of licensed music similar to the Sonic movies, I hope that some of the more memorable tracks will show up as more than just a ringtone on a side character’s phone this time.

…now. Where’s the Toejam and Earl stoner film? Hopefully it’s in the cards.

ToeJam & Earl

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