Naruto x Jordan Zion 1 Collection Hot or Not?


Anime clothing and apparel have been getting better and better as anime has become mainstream. However, it’s still lacking behind most other fandoms like pop culture, comics, cartoons, etc. Most companies wouldn’t touch anime because they still don’t understand its power and influence. It typically takes one of our own from the anime community that has power and influence to make power moves to get official quality products.

Now, it enters the anime giant right now, Hypland. Hypland unloads 3-4 anime licenses a year with a complete clothing collection, accessories, and some household goods. They have excellent quality merchandise, and prices fit today’s landscape’s current high-quality clothing merch. It might be out of their price line for some, but you’d understand if you know the business of clothing and licenses. The one thing Hypland hasn’t done is a shoe line.

Zion Williamson, the NBA basketball player for the New Orleans Pelicans and #1 draft pick in the 2019 NBA Draft, is entering the anime apparel landscape. He hasn’t played much in the past three years because of injuries and being overweight, but most think he’s still a generational player. Zion let us know that he’s an anime fan with his outfit sitting on the bench with teammates. He tried to show the world his initial style and anime apparel game.

It didn’t go well, and he was hassled and clowned across the media landscape. How can a guy with as much money and influence go out with an outfit like that? Most people thought it was better to go straight to Japan and work directly with a mangaka or anime studio. So a few years later, that’s just what he winded up doing.

Zion has teamed up with the Jordan Brand and acquired a Naruto License for his Signature Jordan Sneaker and Apparel that goes with the three colorway sneakers. Things have hit the fan again because of Zion’s choice with these sneakers. The sneakers aren’t Jordan’s signature shoes. These are from the secondary collection of Jordan sneakers, the more affordable sneakers. Zion was very hands-on with the design and choices in the collection, as each sneaker comes with his personal messaging.

Anime fans are divided in half on both sides of this suck to wanting a pair of the sneakers. In particular, Anime Pad believes the shoes aren’t anything special to call home about. Although the clothing alone is suitable, the sneakers only pop if you get both the sneakers and apparel to pair together. We have to get our hands on that Rasengan Dunk shirt though! Adult anime fans have more money to spend on such anime gear, but they can’t seem to budge with a subpar sneaker line. The sneakers are set to sell for $130 releasing sporadically in a few weeks and we haven’t yet heard about the clothing as part of the deal. So what do you think about the sneakers and clothing line?

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