Kaiju Brawler Dawn of the Monsters is Out for All Consoles


2022 is shaping a rather eventful year for third-party publisher Wayforward. With River City Girls Zero RCG-0) a full-fledged sequel on the horizon, and one of their former Apple Arcade exclusives finally jumping ship to consoles, there’s a lot to look forward to from the powerhouse that brought us the Shantae franchise in the coming months. While both RCG 2 and the console port of Spidersaurs won’t be here for quite some time, one title intended to release late last year is finally stomping its way to consoles and PC on March 15.

Developed by 13AM GamesDawn of The Monsters is a side-scrolling beat ’em up that sees you taking charge of one of four massive monsters as war is waged against an alien invasion on Earth. You’ll smash your way through dozens of fully destructible cities and square off against equally-sized adversaries as the world’s fate hangs in the balance. No doubt about it- this is a Godzilla game in everything but name, not that I’m complaining. Also it gives off an Ultraman vibe too.

For those looking for a brawler experience with more depth than the standard button-mashing affair, Dawn of the Monsters most definitely has you covered. From the looks of it, this isn’t the kind of game where you can run up to everything in your way and spam basic attacks. Instead, the video below details the ins and outs of the game’s combat system- parrying, dodging, and status effects all come into play during your battle against the Nephilim.


Dawn of The Monsters arrives digitally on all consoles (and PC) on March 15. Limited Run Games is already in the middle of pre-production on physical copies. Pre-orders are now open for $34.99 if you don’t mind waiting a while to play this one.

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