The Number One Anime Streaming Service has Finally Arrived on Nintendo Switch


Nintendo has always been a bit slow when providing streaming and other non-gaming-related services for their hardware. While Sony and Microsoft have managed to make their family of consoles an “all-in-one” package for entertainment in the past two console generations, we’ve yet even to get a good internet browser on Switch. Fortunately for the otakus out there, perhaps the biggest name in anime streaming has finally made its way to the platform.

Shown off in the obscenely adorable trailer above, Crunchyroll is now available on Nintendo Switch free of charge. It’s powered by Epic Games’ Unreal Engine and will even allow offline viewing. As expected, the app will support both docked and TV modes. Players can view over 1,000 respective series and 30,000 episodes through the service, including the most recent heavy hitters such as Demon Slayer.

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District Arc 16x9
Catch up on the latest season only on Crunchyroll

With this launch, Crunchyroll will become the first streaming application to offer offline viewing on Nintendo Switch™ and one of a limited number of SVOD apps on the gaming console. Fans can access the Crunchyroll app to enjoy ad-supported anime or through their Crunchyroll subscription to enjoy unlimited ad-free anime, with simulcast series streaming day and date with premiere in Japan.

Although this may not be the most groundbreaking reveal, it’s a definite W for Switch owners who may not have other devices or the most robust internet connection. It’s also a smart move from a business standpoint, as there is already a ton of Switch software that most appeals to anime fans. Since the console’s release, we have seen a ton of visual novels and JRPGs line the physical and digital shelves. The inclusion of Crunchyroll will undoubtedly help make the Switch even more appealing to those who enjoy anime- not that the Switch has had any difficulty pushing units. (I mean, the thing has already managed to outsell the Wii for cripe’s sake!)

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