Long Awaited Cuphead Animated Series Coming to Netflix Next Month


2017 was an incredible year for video games. I’d go as far as to say it was the best of the last decade. Christmas came practically every other month, and by year’s end, we had The Dragon’s Trap, Super Mario Odyssey, Sonic ManiaCrash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy, and of course Cuphead.

The story of Cuphead‘s development is quite honestly as fascinating as the game itself. Development began in 2010 and saw numerous pushbacks as Studio MDHR continued to expand its horizons. The developers even remortgaged their house to keep the project alive. That massive risk, along with the painstakingly long process of creating the isles of Inkwell just the way animators would have done nearly a century ago, ultimately paid off. The final product was released to widespread critical acclaim and success, and it managed to surpass two million sales within its first two weeks. For an indie game, let alone a studio’s very first project, that’s a pretty big deal.

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Of course, the massive success led to heaps of merchandise that’s still easy to find on store shelves even five years after the game was released. Plush dolls, T-shirts, Funko pops, novelizations- the whole nine yards. So, of course, the next logical step would be an animated series. It’s been discussed online for the past year without a trailer or solid release date; the wait for The Cuphead Show is nearly over.

Studio MDHR raised the curtains last week with a trailer and release date announcement of February 18, 2022. The series will air exclusively on Netflix for the time being, although I’m sure we’ll be seeing physical box sets in the future, considering how big of a name Cuphead has become. Although the twelve confirmed episodes will only be about twelve minutes in length each, it’s clear much heart went into them based on the trailer. While it takes on a somewhat modernized look compared to its source material, The Cuphead Show still manages to look brilliant in its own right. (After all, we probably wouldn’t have seen it in our lifetime had it been created using the same process as the game.)

With this long-awaited series on the horizon and The Delicious Last Course DLC set for a June 30 release date across all platforms, Cuphead fans are eating good this year.

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