Why You Must Experience the Ninjala Anime Series on YouTube


Ninjala launched as a free-to-play online game in the summer of 2020 for Nintendo Switch. Since then, it has enjoyed some success despite mixed critical reception and constantly compared to Nintendo’s own Splatoon. Within four weeks of launch, it surpassed over five million downloads and is still going strong. As with any other successful release featuring a cast of cute, colorful characters, developer Gungho Online is looking to capitalize on its IP by exploring other avenues.

That brings us to a hot new anime adaptation that hit the States following a premiere in Japan on TV Tokyo last week. Directed by Mamoru Kanabe of Elfen Lied fame, you’ll be able to catch episodes with English subtitles here. New episodes will be dropping every Thursday at 7:00 PM PT; There is a huge catch to all of this, however. Check the tweet below; episodes of Ninjala will only be available for one week after they’ve been uploaded.

It’s a strange decision. In today’s day and age, simulcast or simulDubs take anywhere to hours for simulcast and days for simulDubs. Gungho hasn’t provided any explanation behind the limited release schedule, but if I were to make an educated guess, it’s because they have bigger plans for this series. Perhaps we’ll see some box set containing everything once the series has run its course. Then again, Japan is known for perfect product placement, so a possible introduced merch or toyline. It’s also entirely possible that we’ll be seeing these episodes again in the future if/when the series gets a complete English dub. After all, the characters were already fully voiced in the source material- it could just be a matter of funding at the moment. In any case, I doubt that this will be an (indeed) limited series.


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