Attack on Titan and Demon Slayer Crash Streaming Apps


Most of you who have a streaming app and watch Attack on Titan know that viewers mad dash to watch the new seasons after years of a wait. But, unfortunately, each time it has come back, it has crashed the apps’ servers. This is no different from last Sunday when Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 dropped on Crunchyroll and other streaming apps. What made this event further and much worse was that another new episode of Demon Slayer aired the same day. A very pivotal episode and one of the hypest moments thus far. Millions of subscribers and free viewers jump in all at the same time on the servers.

So multiple streaming apps crashed Sunday, and people couldn’t get the shows to play. Seasoned vets at Anime Pad, though, knew to wait till the evening. The evening is a Primetime viewing time for anime shows. So we had no issues with either Demon Slayer or Attack on Titan. We even watched them twice because the episodes were that RAW!

So, I guess we’re looking for every Sunday of the week to be a crazy day and multiple servers to crash on different platforms. Get your popcorn out, though, because these episodes are going to be the best of the best and complete HEAT! Let’s remind you guys that we support anime financially and don’t go the pirate route. We heard some people went to the pirate sites because they couldn’t wait to view the episodes. So, relax, everybody is just trying to get in at once, and after the initial rush, everything will be okay. With that, we’ll see you all this weekend!

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