One Best Way to Browse for Switch Deals in 2022


To be perfectly blunt, the browsing process on the Switch Eshop has been awful from the very beginning. I know I’m not alone when I say that simply trying to scroll through the “Great Deals” section takes far longer than it should- even with a strong internet connection. Nintendo began charging for online play on the system back in 2018, but it’s clear that the revenue isn’t improving the servers or performance of the Eshop.

Fortunately, there is a bona fide solution that makes figuring out what to spend your holiday gift cards on much easier in the form of Deku Deals.

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This one-person project was the brainchild of software developer Micheal Fairley, who started the website in 2018. The beauty behind Deku Deals is that it tracks physical prices across multiple retailers and, on the mentioned above, slow and clunky Eshop. Deku Deals makes it a cinch to take a peek at everything currently on sale digitally before making final purchase on the Eshop, undoubtedly saving users a ton of time waiting for the pages to load up on their Switch.

“From a usability perspective, the eShop is just wayyy too slow. The pages take much longer to load than they should, and even the animations run poorly. ” said Fairley in an interview with Nintendo Life.

 Micheal Fairley Nintendo Life

Although Fairley initially focused on just the Nintendo Switch with this project, he expanded the site to include PlayStation and Xbox listings. He isn’t stopping there, however.

“I do have some new features in the works that should be ready in the next few months, but nothing I’m ready to publicly announce just yet.”

 Micheal Fairley  Nintendo Life

I’m sure this is said before, but Nintendo…hire this man. Millions of Switch players across the globe would thank you.

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