Bleach Anime Returns for Final Finale


Anime Pad is a colossal Bleach fan from Jump, pun intended. We’ve been watching the show wayyy before it hit the U.S. market. Shhhh… anyway, yes, we eventually had problems with the anime. Then we switched to reading the manga instead. Then down the road, we had issues with the manga. So we’ve had this issue with Bleach now since its hiatus. We all know the problems with Bleach at this point. Jump rushing Kubo-san, Kubo-san getting sick, etc… We even talked to Johnny Yong Bosch, English Dubb voice of Ichigo, about the same thing, and he agreed. Now, it will all be resolved in 2022.

At Jump Festa, Shonen Jumps annual expo of shorts; they had a headline of announcements and trailers to release. It’s imperative to say they released a short teaser on the return of the Bleach. It doesn’t show much, just updated animation and art, specific characters, and the release month of 2022: Bleach’s final arc, The Thousand-Year Blood War, the heaviest battle arc.


I’ve read about some fans excited about the updated animation and art. I was OK with the art and animation from when the anime left off. The later parts of the manga art were always top-notch and on the industry-standard level. The animation updates will probably primarily lend themselves to the battles or fights. That’s important with this period in the manga. I want this done right for Kubo-san and the fans. If Kubo-san is happy, I know the fans will be too. It’ll give everyone a culmination and fantastic ending to this series that was at one point one of the giant animes ever. Shout out Anime Galaxy Official for more info on Jump Festa 2022

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