Wizard World Returns as New Entity: Fan Expo


Wizard World, the Pop-Culture Comic-con convention that spans the United States with stops in many major cities, has been around the block. Looking back at the past years of Wizard World, every stop hasn’t been great or created equal to others. They’ve gone through some changes, some minor and some major. Now, they’re officially acquired and bought out along with its many stops as Fan Expo.

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After taking a significant financial loss in 2015, the company needed something to happen. In this case, the board decided that the CEO would resign, and a new one was required. John Maatta took over as CEO in 2016, and many thought that the company would return to glory. Yet, for some stops that never took place. It stayed the same. Fans then wondered, well will they cancel my city for a visit, especially after the convention company cut from 25 to 19 stops.

A few years back, some fans noticed that the company started offering shares or buy-in capabilities. So it sent out a red flag to those most knowledgeable about the business of conventions. Then those messages stopped in 2021, and notifications turned to that they would host one or two more conventions in 2021. Most fans thought, oh well, they’re done, and this is the last hurrah. We now know that is different with this announcement.

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In particular, the stop in Saint Louis is our favorite, and we attend the most. Since 2013, pop culture fans of all ages have reveled in the excitement of a major comics, sci-fi, horror, anime, and gaming convention at America’s Center. And while the name might be different, the anticipation is palpable as the show makes its supercharged return, bigger and better than ever as FAN EXPO St. Louis, May 13-15, 2022. Executed with the highest level of health and safety measures in place, the show will welcome fans to reunite for a weekend of non-stop programming and special guests. Tickets for the first FAN EXPO St. Louis are available now.

FAN EXPO St. Louis brings its unique brand of excitement to an event that will feature top celebrities, hundreds of exhibitors, creators, and cosplayers as well as compelling programming, meet and greets, special events, kids zones, and more. FAN EXPO St. Louis will feature everything fans have loved about Wizard World St. Louis with even more all weekend. Details on guests and schedules will be announced soon.  

“We are overjoyed to be able to safely welcome fans back to the show floor after a difficult hiatus due to COVID-19,” said Andrew Moyes, Vice President, FAN EXPO HQ. “At its core, the show is a community; a place for belonging, and a pop culture haven to escape to. We look forward to building on seven years of outstanding events here with a new, reinvigorated brand and revitalized attendee experience.”  

COVID-19 restrictions prevented the 2021 event from being held. St. Louis is one of six events previously organized by Wizard World that have become part of the FAN EXPO family on the 2022 calendar: New Orleans (January 7-9); Portland (January 21-23); Philadelphia (April 8-10); Cleveland (April 29-May 1); and Chicago (July 7-10). 

FAN EXPO HQ’s priority is the health and safety of its guests. As part of the world’s largest event organizer, FAN EXPO has drawn on its global expertise and developed a detailed set of measures to deliver the highest levels of hygiene and safety. This means exhibitors, guests, sponsors, and fans can safely enjoy the full FAN EXPO experience with confidence.  Start getting your tickets now!



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