Game Awards 2021: Our Biggest Takeaways


I’ve said it once, and I’ll repeat it- the Game Awards tend to be painfully predictable. I’m not alone in thinking the main event (s) are a bit goofy and disjointed. Much like football, it’s something I’ll watch for the commercials (or the reveal trailers in this case) but not much more. However, this year had quite a few takeaways. Fans of a certain hedgehog have a lot to dissect in the coming months, thanks to the drops that happened during the show, and a project that I genuinely was starting to think was vaporware also decided to show up during the awards.

Perhaps the biggest reveal (aside from Sonic Frontiers) was our first proper look at the Sonic movie sequel. This trailer more or less confirms everything we suspected about this film from the beginning, including the involvement of Tails, Knuckles, and the Chaos Emeralds.

As much as I loved seeing Sonic and Tails jetting around on the Tornado, I think the best part of the trailer was the introduction of Knuckles. Idris Elba is crushing it with his performance (one that he’s taking very seriously, by the way), and although he only speaks one line here, I think it’s safe to say that he’s an excellent match for the character. On the subject of Sonic’s beloved frenemy, I also appreciate how his demeanor is more in line with the Genesis and Dreamcast outings than more recent depictions. Rough, challenging, but (most likely) gullible…we’ll have to see if he chuckles at some point in the film’s runtime. So get ready for Sonic 2 set to hit the big screen on April 8th, 2022.

In addition to the movie trailer, Sega also officially revealed the next big entry in the franchise. Sonic Frontiers will be arriving during the Holiday season of 2022. Like the previous trailers, this is mostly a confirmation of everything we (unofficially) knew before the big reveal. This trailer focuses on the massive scope of the environments (it will be an open-world experience, after all). Although they are admittedly lovely, I would have never suspected them to belong to a Sonic game had the character not been thrown in here. Although some might not be sold yet, (given there isn’t much on the trailer), many will be delighted to know that Ian Flynn will be penning the story of this new adventure. I’ll be keeping my hype on a leash until a proper gameplay trailer rolls out.

After almost half a decade of development, we got a confirmation that the Cuphead DLC is, in fact, still on its way. The trailer for The Delicious Last Course caught me off guard, mainly because I almost forgot about its existence due to Studio MDHR’s total radio silence regarding it since the reveal in 2018. This expansion will feature a slew of new levels, bosses, and (of course) the introduction of Miss Chalice as a playable character. It’ll arrive on June 30th of 2022…if it doesn’t get delayed again.

A complete list showing all award-winning titles and runner-ups is here. For the otakus in the audience…Genshin Impact won best mobile game (not surprising considering its massive success), and Tales of Arise managed to snag Best RPG. In addition, Nier Replicant took home best music/score, and Final Fantasy XIV won “Best Ongoing Game.”

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