Omicron Hit Anime NYC


Officials Urge Getting Tested

You can take all the precautions in the world to keep people safe in this new pandemic world. It’s part of the reason why in-person conventions weren’t happening. It’s also why security has an additional role to perform in security. Telling people to wear a mask, keep their mask up, checking vaccine cards, and making sure those approved have the necessary wristbands. Coronavirus is tricky though and complicated, and yes, with everything in place, it still struck Anime NYC 2021.


Many reports came out from Health Officials across the United States that a male attending the convention over the weekend returned home after the convention with mild symptoms and then tested positive for the new variant of Coronavirus Omicron. Although it’s healthy to know that the person was vaccinated and had a booster shot that didn’t lead to his demise, people who attended the convention are advised by Anime NYC, New York City Health Commission, and others to get tested.

As you all know, we attended the convention all three days for most of the day on each day. After the news hit social media, many attendees stated that some people slipped into the convention without their vaccine card approval. Others were saying that somehow a few attendees had gotten ahold of the vaccine-approved wristbands and were selling them outside the convention. Anime Pad didn’t witness any of this happening, and it’s not confirmed that these things did take place. So there’s isn’t a genuine reason for finger-pointing, and there isn’t anyone to blame. The entirety of the news is alarming, though, and we ask that everyone be safe, do the right thing, get tested if not for yourself, but your family and others.

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