Dragon Ball: The Breakers Arrives Next Year, but Closed Beta is Now!


Dragon Ball The Breakers Art 1112

DragonBall: The Breakers is due out next year for all major platforms without a definite date in sight. Although many contemporary licensed games based on anime are of the 1-on-1 or team-based fighter variety, Breakers is taking a unique direction.

At its core, Breakers is a game of cat and mouse. Several “Survivor” characters will have to make do without their trademark powers and abilities as they attempt to locate a Super Time Machine to escape the Temporal Seam. All the while, a lone “Raider” is tasked with assuring that doesn’t happen. Survivors will have to rely on each other and vehicles, weapons, and grappling hooks scattered throughout the maps as they attempt to make it out of the seam. As expected from a large-scale online multiplayer experience, customization for both Raiders and Survivors will be present. According to the official webpage for the game, we can expect progression paths, perks, and skins.

Survivor Running Away From Raider

The trailer above breaks down the more nuanced mechanics of the game ahead of the test. For the Startup System (aka the one-way ticket to freedom) to pop up, Survivors will first need to set the power keys in an allotted time. Once activated, they’ll be able to escape. Raiders are tasked with halting the Survivors in achieving this goal but are also capable of destroying the machine should the Survivors succeed in triggering it. In addition, Raiders can also evolve over the course of a match to tilt the odds in their favor. Likewise, Survivors have a variety of skills they can use to outwit Raiders, as shown above.

Running Away with Grappling Device

The game is expected to be available in 2022, both physically and digitally, but PC players will be able to get a taste of the action early, thanks to an upcoming closed beta test. The beta test will take place between 12/3 and 12/4 (that’s next Friday and Saturday). Interested parties can register here for a slot. You’ll want to act fast with the beta test being mere days away.

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