You’ll Soon be Able to Use Your Hori Split Pad on the Big Screen


At the beginning of this year, we took a look at the Hori Split Pad Pro, a somewhat expensive alternative to Nintendo’s finicky joy cons. Although this controller does have its limitations, I still stand by it being an excellent alternative and have yet to experience any “drift” or other issues even after countless hours of use. Nintendo is, funnily enough, still claiming that they’re working on widespread problems associated with their controllers, but it mostly seems to be PR fluff. On the other hand, Hori has a pleasant surprise on the way that mitigates perhaps the biggest drawback to the Split Pad.

The above tweet (roughly) translates to “The long sought device has arrived! Attachment set (for the Hori Split Pad Pro) compatible with Switch and PC will be released. Even in TV Mode, you can’t go back once you use it.”

Although it’s up in the air whether or not this supplemental grip will support rumble or gyro, it will give consumers a way to use their Split Pad Pro on the go as well as on the couch. Although many of us may already own a Switch Pro Controller or several other third-party controllers to pass around to house guests, I can see this being a worthwhile investment for anyone who currently owns a Split Pad Pro. Unfortunately, it looks like Hori won’t be adding Bluetooth functionality which is a bit of a shame for those who prefer wireless, but depending on the price, players can forgive that.

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At the time of writing, no release date or price is announced. “Will be released” could honestly mean a week or month from now, and considering just how many delays have happened in this industry over the last year due to the ongoing pandemic, we might not see this thing until sometime in 2022. As for the price, I would imagine this will go for $20-25 since the base price of a Split Pad Pro is $49.99. The overall cost (for those who want handheld and docked functionality) is just a bit above the $69 that a set of Joy-Cons retail for at about $75. But again, these controllers are far better built than Nintendo’s own. So if you don’t mind an extra wire running along the floor and can live without gyro aiming, it seems like the way to go.

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