Super Robot Wars 30 Brings Beloved Japanese Strategy Game Stateside. Sets a World Record Along the Way


Many video game franchises, consoles, and famous successors are hitting (or have already hit) the big 3-0 this year. Sonic the Hedgehog, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (along with the wildly successful Super Mario World)and Streets of Rage crashed our living rooms three decades ago. For mech anime fans, there’s one more birthday worth celebrating before the year comes to a close, and Bandai Namco is doing so with a bang.

Although Super Robot Wars(SRW30) has remained primarily overseas since its debut on the Game Boy, the recently released Super Robot Wars 30 is an international title available for Western players via PC.  This one is celebrating the history and making it simultaneously. Not only is it the first mainline entry in this long-running strategy franchise to make its way to America, but it also set a world record. SRW30 has the highest number of intellectual properties included in a crossover RPG series at writing.

09_Mobile Suit V Gundam_EN-25120460ef1f316c9281.47548205
Mobile Suit V Gundam

For those unfamiliar with the series, fans could argue that Super Robot Wars is the Super Smash Bros of the mech anime universe with a tactical RPG flair. Players take part in turn-based battles featuring some of the most popular series in the genre, including Mobile Suit Gundam and Code Geass, among many others. Players can find a complete list of the franchises represented in this entry here.

07_Majestic Prince_EN-25120460ef1f2eb39b04.75088098
Majestic Prince

Currently, the game is only officially available in the States via Steam for PC. That being said, the Japanese Switch and PS4 ports do have an English translation for those who want to experience this game from the comfort of their couch. Furthermore, since both consoles are thankfully region-free, you could grab some international PSN or EShop cards via a source such as PlayAsia and redeem them with a Japanese account. Additionally, you could import a physical copy for either platform if you have a little extra money and patience. Finally, there are some limited edition box sets, but they’re only available in Japan.

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Par for the course with Bandai Namco’s anime-related releases, there are several game editions with varying degrees of additional content. The standard edition retails for the usual $59.99, but you can take a look at the tiers here.


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