Fans Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Lupin the 3rd in Theaters: Review


You should know by now that Lupin the 3rd is one of the most prominent anime properties in all of anime. Japan introduced most U.S. Americans to Lupin through the Adult Swim and Toonami Block of anime. Many years later, with the passing of Monkey Punch the creator, and Lupin’s first 3D CGI film, the franchise is still on the top of its game. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the franchise, fans were treated to a unique cinema event.


As a big fan of Lupin, we were introduced to the second version of the English Dub like myself and most fans. Of course, you know the great Tony Oliver Lupin and the rest of the great English dub voice actors from that crew. There’s so much Lupin, though, that hasn’t been dubbed, and most fans want to watch the current run of Lupin with updated heists, art, and animation. Therefore, you can only watch the recent airing of the show in subtitles, and there’s nothing wrong with that. To my ears, though, I always want to hear Lupin in the English dub more so than watch the show in subtitles.


TMS Entertainment states that Lupin, the 3rd Part 1 Episode 1, aired 50 years ago, October 24th, 1971. Seeing it in theaters was great because the animation was still great, and it had that grit of animation from back in those days. To hear it in English dub, though, just brought back all the nights of being in high school enjoying Toonami and AdultSwim. It’s the OG cast back to work on the show, superb English dub, with some of the best in business.

After that episode, we got a taste of the new season of Lupin the 3rd airing on the streaming service HIDIVE who’s partnered with Sentai Filmworks who produces the show for subtitles for American fans. Lupin the 3rd Part 6 Episodes 0 and 1 subtitled, quick great episodes that just sucked me into a season of the show. Don’t forget, guys, watching the show the way it comes out of Japan gives you the correct show order, which provides you with a more conclusive season than when we originally watched the show on Toonami.


I left the theater hype and want to subscribe to HIDIVE to catch the rest of the season. So I have even more incentive, especially with what I saw in the last bit of episode 1. This special event will be on particular days in your area, so be on the lookout for it, and of course, if you miss the window, there’s always the streaming.

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