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Leftfield Media Adding Star Power to Bolster Upcoming Conventions


Today, Pop culture event organizer LeftField Media, part of the Clarion Events family, today announced Mr. Lance Heiskell has joined as Manager of Guests and Programming for its Anime NYC and Anime Frontier Japanese pop culture festivals. Heiskell comes to Anime NYC and Anime Frontier with over a decade of experience in the anime industry, which he’ll bring to bolster the talent, events, and publisher presence at both conventions.

Lance Heiskell

Serving at Funimation for 13 years, Heiskell oversaw strategy and marketing for over 400 anime titles, including AAA anime franchises Fullmetal Alchemist and Fruits Basket, as well as established the brand voice of Funimation, emphasizing a direct and active relationship with its devoted audiences. Heiskell served in the roles of Brand Manager, Marketing Director, and Director of Corporate Strategy, and after leaving Funimation, Heiskell consulted with anime industry companies across the US.

Heiskell will now bring his robust knowledge, experience, and relationships to amplify the fan experience throughout Anime NYC and Anime Frontier, including developing new curated content, expanding the roster of top-tier guests, and working closely with anime and manga publishers in both the US and Japan to foster richer and deeper participation.

“I’m honored to welcome Lance Heiskell to Anime NYC and Anime Frontier,” said Peter Tatara. “Lance has spent more than a decade working with anime brands of every size, with great care and attention to fans at the center of all his work. I’m excited for how Lance will expand Anime NYC and Anime Frontier overall, and I’m tremendously excited for how he will strengthen our relationships with fans and partners.”

Peter Tatara,

LeftField’s VP of Anime Events

“I’m very excited to get to work with Anime NYC and Anime Frontier,” said Lance Heiskell. “My whole career has been spent furthering direct conversations with anime fans and creators, and there’s no more direct dialogue than a convention. I’m looking forward to now building a platform that brings anime fans, publishers, and creators together in new, meaningful ways.”

Do these two conventions need more help and strength? Anime NYC has been getting better and better every year. It only needs more space to contain all the fandom from around the world. Unfortunately, we’re yet to see Anime Frontier as Covid-19 has held its first event back until this year. Excitedly so we can’t wait to partake in the cons this year and see the fruits of Leftfield Media’s Labor!

Tickets to both Anime NYC and Anime Frontier are available now, and attendees can look forward to the latest from sponsors, partners, and publishers including Crunchyroll, with new announcements around show guests and programming to be made across the summer and fall. Both events are being planned closely with local government officials to be run as healthy, safe festivals for all participants.

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