Dream Con 2021 Day One


We finally arrived at Dream Con and didn’t know what to expect. Coming early day one, we thought we’d get ahead of any pack if there were one. Well, we underestimated the fandom on that one. The line to get badges was out the door and around the building. But, of course, those in line don’t include the hundreds of eager fans waiting to get into the main stage for the convention’s opening ceremony.

The convention feels really natural and organically fun. This is majorly due to the host and creators of Dream Con, Rdcworld1 group. The group of fun, exciting content-creating YouTuber blerds lend their energy to the crowd of fans attending this year. Not only that, but Rdcworld brought along their other star creators and voice acting pals. There’s a little of everything at the con for whatever interests you.

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We’ve jumped into some great panels, some video premieres, a video game all-star tournament, itasha cars, dealer room, food/snacks, cosplay, anime, card games, video games, tips and tricks, and a few Afterparties. Not only is this con great, but it’s very safe for everyone. There are people of all ages attending; the only thing we haven’t seen is a pet yet. We noticed a few body odor situations, but for the most part, people are super respectful. People are wearing masks, security is tight, and sanitizer/handwashing is abundant.

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If you missed this year, you don’t want to miss the coming years. We aren’t sure about the overall numbers yet, but this year looks like a significant success. In only its second stint, it can only get bigger from here! Watch out, fellow cons, you’ve been put on notice. Dream Con has carved out its place/position in the con-world.


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