New Crowdfunding Platform Storming the Market


When we think of crowdfunding for creatives and events, we first consider a top-rated platform and site. They’ve been the go-to for the last 10-20 years with zero viable other options. Well, soon, that might change! Zoop, the first end-to-end full service crowdfunding platform created exclusively for the fandom community, officially launches today with the highly-anticipated Slow City Blues — a comic book almost 10 years in the making — as its first project. 

Founded by Jordan Plosky (founder of ComicBlitz,(acquired by Cinedigm)) and Eric Moss (former head of Business Development at IDW Publishing and Project Manager of the #1 comics crowdfunding campaign of all time), with Kickstarter’s former comics outreach lead Camilla Zhang serving as Advisor, Zoop redefines crowdfunding for the fandom community (comics, collectibles, games, more) by introducing a streamlined and intuitive interface with features like a la carte rewards and comics-friendly formatting. Zoop is a concierge service for creators, handling everything campaign-related from start to finish, including campaign setup and management, pledge management, production, fulfillment, marketing and more, so creators can focus more on creating and less on the business side of things. No other crowdfunding platform offers these services. 

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“Comics are the fastest growing crowdfunding category today, and COVID’s impact on the industry highlighted the need for a new solution for creators” said Jordan Plosky, Co-founder and CEO of Zoop. “Zoop was created to solve these and more pain points by bringing crowdfunding, e-commerce, production, fulfillment, and distribution together under a single, simple platform.”

Zoop is launching as a curated site featuring notable comic book creators, with the goal of eventually opening the platform to all creators across the fandom community. Zoop’s first project at launch is the much anticipated Slow City Blues(Samuel Haine, Shawn Moll, John Livesay, and David Baron), followed by Scarlett Couture (Des Taylor), Resolution (Ron Marz , Andy Lanning and Rick Leonardi), and Heads Will Roll (Bart Sears) (more information on each can be found below), with a long list of other projects set to roll out soon after with top talent and publishers like Chris Ryall (partner, Syzygy Publishing and former CCO of IDW Publishing), who is using the platform as a component of his new publishing venture, award-winning writer and author Paul Cornell (I Walk With Monsters, The Modern Frankenstein, Doctor Who) and popular Chicano comic book artist and writer J. Gonzo(Image Comics’ LA MANO del DESTINO). 


FOR PUBLISHERS AND CREATORS, Zoop is an all-in-one crowdfunding solution that connects them directly to their fans and helps them validate the market for projects without having to risk resources up front. 

FOR FANS, this is the easiest way to have direct access to what you love. Want to support a campaign by getting more than one item? Get ‘em all! Need multiple of a single item? Let’s do it! Tired of having to buy something during a campaign, and have to wait for the “after-campaign” campaign to buy something else you wanted? No more of that! Let’s make it easier on everyone!

Zoop sounds like a big game-changer, but it’s still in its most minor form. Catering primarily to comics is excellent, and fans of other fandoms will have to watch for the latest news from Zoop. I see this being a wonderful doorway for more Blerd manga and anime projects. There is plenty of excellent level artist out in the world that we haven’t discovered. Like I always say about people wanting particular looks or representation. Put your money where your mouth is always!

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