Retailers Ban the Sale of Pokemon Trading Cards After Chaos


The chances are that if you’ve stopped by your local Target as of late, you’ve seen signs on the front door stating that PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles are only being handled online for the safety of both the customers and employees. But, unfortunately, they’re not the only products causing people to lose their damned minds, and as a result, the rest of us have to suffer.


Much like the current retro video game market, trading card values have skyrocketed thanks to the pandemic. I distinctly remember a time and place where a Gameboy game such as Gargoyle’s Quest was a $5 title, and a glance online reveals that the cartridge alone has more than quadrupled. Then, of course, you have scalpers taking advantage of the clowns willing to fork over this kind of money because of a powerful drug known as nostalgia. It’s all worth assaulting people over if a recent attack in Winsconsin is the new norm.

Long story short, a grown man got attacked by four other grown men walking out of a Target over the possession of trading cards. As a result of this fiasco, Spot decided that enough was enough and decided to pull the plug on all card sales until further notice. It’s worth noting that you can still buy them online through Target’s website, just like the PS5 and Series X, however.

Unfortunately, this hasn’t deterred idiots from being idiots. They’ve just taken their escapades over to Walmart.

Sadly, it’s come to this, but even worse, the actions of the few that never grew up will continue to yield negative consequences for the rest of the hobbyists and those passionate about franchises such as Pokemon. At the same time, folks continue to proclaim that stigmas surrounding nerd culture have dissipated over the past decade or so. As a result, there will always be setbacks because of situations like the one in Winsconsin last week and viral videos such as the one above. 

What are your thoughts on the ban as well as the current state of the Pokemon TCG? Let us know in the comments!


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