Sonic Movie 2 Arrives Next Year Sneak Peeks & Thoughts


Right before our world got turned upside down, I caught the Sonic The Hedgehog movie in theaters and (of course) loved it. Unfortunately, it did not have followed the source material down to a T. However; it’s rightfully earned its place among the general public as one of the best video game to big screen adaptations so far. Inevitably (and as hinted by the film’s post-credits), a sequel would come about, and it looks like we’ve finally got a date- April 8, 2022!

That’s just a little less than a year away, and beyond the short teaser above, we’ve yet to see the film itself in action. Yet, quite a few things about this highly anticipated sequel are concrete- and it’s all good news. Many of the actors from the previous film are reprising their roles. Ben Schwartz, whom I remarked in our review of the first film as “… a truly persuading Sonic, directing the joyful, carefree nature that the character has been known for”, is back as the blue blur himself. Jim Carrey (Robotnik), James Mardsen (Tom Wachowski) and Tika Sumpter (Maddie Wachowski) will also return.

As hinted in the post-credits, it’s all but guaranteed that Tails will play a prominent role in this sequel (just in case the remixed snippet of Emerald Hill Zone in the teaser zoomed past you). As behind-the-scenes shots have emerged on social media apps such as Twitter, it’s also safe to say Knuckles will be showing up at some point. One-shot, in particular, has been making the rounds quite often.

I don’t think you need me to tell you how uncanny it looks to see the Master Emerald’s sole guardian just floating about as ahead. While highly gullible in the games (especially the classics), I don’t think there’s going to be a scene where he’ll (literally) be losing his head. Still, it seems like a great deal of the Sonic community has gotten a few laughs and added their context to this shot.

In addition, we’ve also gotten to see a few shots of Jim Carrey sporting a brand new getup in his role as Dr. Robotnik. He can levitate this time around. (Kidding)

As some have speculated, there may be a scene in the film where Sonic transforms into his iconic Super iteration. After all, the explanation for Super Sonic not being in the first film boiled down to it not making sense when considering the chronology of the games. Tails, the chaos emeralds, and Sonic’s staple transformation did not appear until Sonic the Hedgehog 2. So it’s a safe prediction that the chaos emeralds will pop up in the movie sequel at the very least. Keep in mind that this has not been confirmed (or denied) yet.

What are your hopes for this sequel? One of my favorite aspects of the original film was the subtle references to Sonic’s lineage- the “Hilltop Zone” signage found in Sonic’s cave and acknowledging the classic “Sanic” meme especially. A small part of me hopes that they’ll include elements from the lesser-known Game Gear port of Sonic 2, such as the hang gliders and mine carts, but that remains to be seen.

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