Streets of Rage 4 is Getting New DLC and Update


Although I’ve confessed to being mixed on my thoughts regarding Streets of Rage 4, I can’t deny the amount of love and support DotEmu and GuardCrush are piling into this game well after its initial release date almost one year ago. While they’ve been implementing minor updates and patches since launch, we haven’t seen any significant expansions…until now.

Interestingly, these expansions are split between paid DLC and a free update, not unlike Sonic Mania and its “Plus” update. The release date for both is currently unknown, but it’s all expected to drop “later this year.”

The features included in the standard update will be free to all players across all platforms.

*A new difficulty, Mania+, will become available.

*An “in depth training system” will be added to better help new players understand the game’s mechanics and combos

*Palette swaps for the current roster of playable characters


The paid DLC, Mr.X Nightmare, will be rolling out three new characters. Estel, who appeared as a boss in the main game, is the only one confirmed by the trailer above, with the rest being teased via silhouettes. There will also be a new Survival mode, and although details are sparse at the time of writing, I would imagine this will be SOR4’s equivalent of a “Zombies” mode. We’ll also apparently be able to do something few traditional beat ’em ups offer with the rollout of this DLC- customize fighting styles based on our personal preferences. That last feature is honestly the most surprising of the lot, but we’ll have to wait and see for the finer details.

Following the depressing situation surrounding Balan Wonderworld, the announcement of new SOR4 content alongside the confirmation of a release date for Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX should come as a silver lining for diehard SEGA fans. Who do you think the other two fighters will be, and what other features would you like to see added to the game?

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