The Pairing of a Girls Idol Group and Kamen Rider


Attention all Toku/Tokusatsu fans!! Most Toku fans, in some form or another, appreciate Japanese Rock and Japanese Pop music too. The opening sequence and song for a Toku show are significant to fans. People tend to rate them and remember their favorites. Then outside of Toku, you have boy bands, girl groups, and mix groups even. Kamen Rider tends to lead more to the more adult/mature side of music. One of our favorites is Kamen Rider Decade’s Opening Song, “Journey Through the Decade.” It’s a song performed by Japanese Pop Superstar Gackt in 2009. The single went Gold that year for the artist, and years later, in 2012, it was certified Platinum. Kamen Rider isn’t foreign to cashing in on the music scene.

Journey Through Decade

Now, what happens if you mix a Pop Idol Girl Group and Kamen Rider? You get the phenomenon that is known as the Kamen Rider Girls. The Kamen Rider girls were created in 2011 to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Kamen Rider. The group started with six members, representing a specific Kamen Rider by wearing the responding Henshin Belt or a similar outfit to a Rider’s suit. The group would go on to produce five albums and multiple singles.


Eventually, the girls started to graduate, a term in Idol lore, meaning a girl aged out or personally left the group. Now, the group is only three members and still doing shows and promotions. We always enjoyed the group, and the videos were great, including some of our favorite riders. We got our hands on a small collection. We’ve included some subtitled material for your viewing pleasure from our friends at TV-Nihon.

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