Crunchyroll Anime Awards Review and Thoughts


The Crunchyroll’s Anime Awards aired last week, and overall, it was another tremendous Virtual Event held by them. Usually, it’s like most other award shows with in-person hosts, live audience, announcers of each award, and all the things that make award shows excellent. I love how Crunchyroll makes it a fun celebration of the medium and shows we love instead of some prestige event.

Day 2 CrunchyRoll-14

This year Tim Lyu and Crunchyroll Hime-chan were VTubers. Yes, they sucked Tim Lyu into the “Anime World,” making him a VTuber. The winners of categories were full of upsets. They seemed to judge off hype and popularity, even with introducing judges from across the globe as influencers and experts. Some of the winners I certainly could see, and others were just blatantly obvious hype.

I did like that Crunchyroll introduced some pretty good-looking upcoming shows and originals for the Spring season. I did not particularly appreciate that the Netflix show Great Pretender by WIT Studio got entirely snubbed the entire night. It was up for most categories and didn’t win anything. Here’s just my insight: WIT Studios is still being mistreated by Sony Pictures after a falling out. Not to mention Sony, who owns a considerable stake in Aniplex of America, and now holds both Funimation and Crunchyroll.

My biggest argument was how a show that hasn’t even finished its first season wins “Anime of the Year.” Yes, Jujutsu Kaisen won anime of the year, and based on hype and seeing the future of the show, I know how this won. For those that only watch the anime, we only saw a small portion of the show before its deemed anime of the year. I thought that was unfair, and the title should have gone to someone else. Then Jujutsu Kaisen could be in a real three-way race for 2021 with Attack on Titan and Demon Slayers return.


Still, it was a great time for fans, and some of the great chatrooms were awesome to be involved. I never would have imagined that anime would get this big to have it’s own award show with 100,000 viewers. If you missed it, here’s the video below to see all of the winners. We can’t wait for next year because it will be bigger and hopefully, fingers crossed in person.

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