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Crunchyroll’s Anime Awards are coming up and voting is over. You know us we vote every year and let you know how we voted and why we voted. Without further ado here’s the list.

  1. Anime of the Year: Great Pretender on Netflix

This was a hard vote because mostly Jujutsu Kaisen is in this category. We know Jujutsu Kaisen is the latest and greatest shonen anime to come out. So the hype is warranted. It has great writing, superb art, superb animation, and superb music. Our gripe is the show just started and some of the other shows in this category have been around longer and given us more episodes. Now, Great Pretender by Wit Studio has some of the best writing I’ve seen in an anime that wasn’t a movie. The series plays out much like a movie so that elevates it much higher than a series in our book. Add on the great jazz music, crazy unique art, great animation, world building, diversity of the show and the ability to leave you salivating for more. It gets our vote.

2. Best Protag: Anos Voldigoad

Misfit Demon King was a great show overall. What’s even better is that the villain became the right guy. The Demon King gives up his life to restore balance in humanity. Then he is reincarnated and finds a world that is just as evil as he left it. Now he still has a little bad boy in him, but it’s only when people test him after warnings. Even with his immense power, his humility and humanity are his greatest weapon. He gets our vote for the best Protagonist.

3. Best Antagonist: Rachel Tower of God

This woman is the vilest in the category but also the most cunning. She fools people dumber than her, smarter than her, weaker than her, and even more potent than her. She is unmatched as an Antagonist.

4. Best Boy: Caiman Dorohedoro

Wizard turned Lizard that loves Gyoza and hunts and kills evil Wizards to protect humans, is the best guy. He also works to patch up humans in a clinic as an assistant when not eating, hanging out, or biting magicians’ heads off. The only thing he asks for is help finding his real head and payment in Gyoza.

5. Best Girl: Chizuru Mizuhara Rent-a-Girlfriend

Chizuru is the best girl without a shadow of a doubt. She’s helping Shrimps all over Japan as a rental Girlfriend. She’s not only giving them a service but also making them better people. As such, even with the main character, she’s slowly making him a real man, even putting her life/body on the line.

6. Best Opening Sequence: Kaikai Kitan-Eve, Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen, is there anything that needs to be said? It was hard to pick, but this opening is top tier. It’s not a show; it’s an isolated part of the show that’s repeated. Also, it is still newer than the others; we didn’t consider that.

7. Best Ending Sequence: Lost In Paradise Ali feat. Aklo, Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen Same here, top tier swaggy closing. Same as stated above.

8. Best Japanese VA Performance: Yusuke Kobayashi, Natsuki Subaru, Re:Zero Season 2

Yusuke Kobayashi, we picked him for our vote. Not just because his show Re:Zero is legendary or his character Subaru Natsuki has quite popular. The range of emotions he must voice on the show is vast. But his other characters only this year have a wide range too. He gets our vote.

9. Best English VA Performance: Jonah Scott, Legoshi, Beastars

My man is doing two voices. Even though I don’t care for the show, he’s doing the animal parts and the human parts. Zeno was close to getting the vote because he’s a great voice actor, but Hawks’ role is more hype about the character itself than the voice, even though Zeno does a great job.

10. Best Director: Tower of God, Takashi Sano

What can I say about this show’s direction? The serious parts, the action, and the silly parts are seamless while telling this remarkable story. We’re only beginning with this show.

11. Best Animation: The God of High School, Studio MAPPA

It’s the year of MAPPA. How can I go against them? Two of the shows they did the animation for are in this category. But I went with God of High School just because some of this animation is fast-paced and just so slick. It’s action and mostly fighting, so yes, it must be on point. Once again didn’t use Jujutsu Kaisen for earlier reasons.

12. Best Character Design: Genice Chan and Yuusuke Yoshigaki, BNA: Brand New Animal

BNA wins because of the numerous characters that have that Studio Trigger look. Some have a human form and an animal form. When a great animation studio does the art too you know it’s going top tier. Plus, the many amounts of characters period in this show and their uniqueness.

13. Best Fight Scene: Jin Mori vs. Jegal Taek, The God of High School

Man, I was blown away by this fight, non-stop hypeness. I even, at one point, had to stop it and rewind it to see if what I saw was happening.

14. Best Drama: Great Pretender, WIT Studio

I gave it to Great Pretender again for some of the same statements above. It’s so dramatic and gives you all the ranges of emotions. It plays out like a grand-scale movie, and the show tips us to more coming, it seems.

15. Best Comedy: Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! Studio: Science SARU

Hands down, no contest here. Great show and weirdly funny characters.

16. Best Score: Kevin Penkin, Tower of God

That Tower of God score is tough. Penkin also did the Made in Abyss and some Shield Hero stuff. He’s unmatched, and this shows score is flawless.

17. Best Couple: Nasa Yuzaki & Tsukasa Yuzaki, TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You

No question here. Best couple Crunchyroll Original. This couple is the best goals. Very wholesome!

18. Best Fantasy: Tower of God, Studio: TELECOM ANIMATION FILM

Since getting an early screening of the first episode back in February 2020, I was captivated. This show can go on and on with the wide range of fantasy lore in it. It seems they’ve barely touched the surface, too, of the show. I can’t wait for another season.

That wraps all our vote picks for you or everyone. We can’t wait for the Award show to air and find out all the winners. Also Crunchyroll is running a promo for people that want to try to be part of the show. You can record a video of yourself telling what your pick is and why for Anime of the Year. We will be creating one too to send off to Crunchyroll shortly. Submission ends Feb 1st, act fast!!


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