Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel Trilogy Review


Years and years went by of our memories of Fate/Stay Night. The what-ifs and questions that rolled around in our brains went unanswered from the anime. The second series in the Fate franchise finished on a cliffhanger. It left fans with little to no knowledge, whether intentional or like other animes that end with no support. We know now that Ufotable completes this chapter with Heavens Feel in North America. This three-part movie trilogy continues the Fate/Stay Night story to completion.

The movie continues the story and what was taking place with Sakura and all the time she spent living with Shirou. I was impressed with the writing and all the twists and turns. I was at the edge of my seat the entire time of the three-part movie. Even when I thought I had pieced together the ending of a path the film would take, it negated that. Spoiler Alert!! One of the biggest shockers is that you never know who the real villain is of this experience until the very end. It’s truly remarkable.


In all the versions of Shirou and Archer, Shirou has some form of Archer’s abilities. Each case is different, though, and each relationship is between the two has differences. In this instance, we like Shirou and Archer the most. Archer puts up the best fight to keep Shirou and Tohsaka safe, but there are just too many enemies for him to face. Before he dies, he gives the wounded Shirou one of his arms. Unlike the other versions, Shirou just got better at his magecraft with each battle. In this version with Archer’s Arm, he quickly absorbs or combines their magecraft and abilities.

Shirou saves using the Servant level magecraft until the final battles. Once against Hercules where Shirou sprints past Archer’s Spirit with a little push from Archer. This act shows Shirou’s absolute conviction to be a hero. He Plus Ultra-red Archer’s abilities and level. It would seem this one ends much like the rest, too, with the possibility of Shirou somehow becoming a heroic spirit. We won’t spoil anymore, but these were the best takes from Fate/Stay Night, and we can finally feel fulfilled with the ending of the series.

Five Stars
Anime Pad Gives It!!

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