Scott Pilgrim Back from the Digital Graveyard on Switch and PlayStation 4!


I don’t know about you guys, but as a high school student at the tip of the last decade, Scott Pilgrim was a big thing in many circles. My friends and I all had the comics, the 2010 live-action film was quoted constantly and people constantly compared a past girlfriend and me to Scott and Ramona. Then, of course, there was a video game.

In an era where movie-based tie ins were becoming far and few, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World: The Game was truly something special. Taking after the art style of the comic rather than the live-action movie (thank goodness). It was a sprite-based beat ’em up with an incredible soundtrack provided by chiptune band Anamanaguchi. While retro-inspired games are a dime a dozen now, it was a breath of fresh air. Now, pop culture was all about the latest Call of Duty, Slenderman, and zombie apocalypses. Scott Pilgrim did retro right before it was considered hip, and I ate it up.

In retrospect, I can’t think of a better fit for this game’s OST than Anamaguchi. They managed to seamlessly blend chiptune (a nod to all of the comics’ and film’s video game references) with punk pop and the end result is something I can fondly remember a decade later.

Unfortunately, the game was claimed by the digital graveyard in 2014 due to suspected licensing issues. That meant that if you hadn’t purchased the game off the PlayStation Network or Microsoft Store before that date, you were out of luck. The only way you could play it again is if you had a PSN/XBLA account and had purchased the game on either storefront before December 30, 2014. That is, until now.

After years of fans wondering where the hell this game went and pining to revisit. Limited Run Games(LRG) has finally answered the call with not one but three physical editions that are right around the corner. The best part? You’re not going to have to worry about joining a rat race as there will be a six-week pre-order period as stated in LRG’s tweet above.

The standard edition will run you $34.99 and contain the complete game, including all of the DLC that was released back in the day. The “Classic” and “KO” editions will have fans wondering if they’re in Subcon. The Classic Edition will be priced at $54.99 and come with a groovy Sega Genesis styled clamshell case, a concert ticket, a game map, a soundtrack, and a sticker sheet. (Rest assured, those stickers are going on the Sony Trinitron I kept around for actual classic games). The rather costly K.O Edition will contain everything from the Classic Edition on top of a slick diorama complete with working lights and tunes from Anamanaguchi and a guide book. While I’m sure Pilgrim fans are going to jump at that offering, I’m not sure I can stomach that $139.99 price tag. Physical editions will only be available for PS4 and Switch, for the time being. LRG has stated that they’ll be rolling out copies for the Xbox One in the future.

As usual, you can always get the game digitally if you don’t feel like waiting around for a physical edition to ship. It’ll be available on PSN, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, on January 14 for $14.99. Oh, and if you’re the one person with a Stadia, it’ll be available on that as well. As a friendly reminder, you’ll still be getting the Complete Edition of the game. Meaning you won’t miss out on any additional in-game content if you go the digital route.

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Are you excited for the return of this former digital-only classic? What other “lost” games would you like to see get this treatment? I’m hoping for a re-release of the (also delisted) Castle of Illusion remake at some point. If Scott Pilgrim can make a comeback and a long-lost Sonic the Hedgehog 1 prototype can be unearthed. Then within weeks of each other, I’m convinced anything can happen in 2021.

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