LiSA Holds Online Concert to Celebrate 5th Album Release


Big fans of Demon Slayer have come to know this Artist, LiSA. Yes, she created the opening song Gurenge for the anime Demon Slayer, which boosted her to unspeakable fandom. Yet, she’s had other great songs and albums to this date. She just released her fifth album, “Leo-Nine,” this October. It is her first full album in three and a half years since her last album. She celebrated by hosting a Livestreamed Concert across the world this past Saturday, 12/12, 8 pm Japan time. For those in the U.S., tickets were $36.50, and Anime Pad happened to catch the show.

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The concert was fantastic, and in America, you had to be awake early in the A.M. to catch the show. Now, the concert wasn’t live but prerecorded. The recording will be part of the Blu-Ray that can be purchased along with the album for a higher price. Still, the concert was like an hour and a half music video with open sets, wardrobe changes, special effects, behind the scenes looks, her entire band, and dancers.

The streaming site also included a chat for fans. Many of the fans heralded from all over the world—most of them from Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United States. Fans chatted at a hyper pace, and it was a great time and great fun for all. Fans even created a Discord on the spot from the concert where many shared their love for LiSA. Even showing the purchase of LiSA’s album got you bragging rights. If this is LiSA’s last album we ever get, this may indeed be her biggest that she could live off for years to come. The hard hitting 13 track album with some of the songs that we’ve been jamming to for a few years now. We hope that doesn’t happen, though, and she creates more awesome music for herself and fans alike.

Get the setlist here!

And Here’s a Teaser of the Concert!!

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