Genshin Impact to Receive Huge Update, Along with PS5 Enhancements at Launch


While some gamers might have passed off free-to-play adventure game Genshin Impact as a “Breath of the Wild” clone or only just “Zelda with Waifus,” the numbers don’t lie. In its first month alone, the mobile version of this relatively controversial title amassed almost $250 million with just one month of shelf life. That’s not even accounting for the recently released Playstation 4 port or the enhanced PS5 version on the horizon. Love it or hate it, it’s only going to get bigger and better from here.

Version 1.1 will be dropping on the same week as the highly anticipated Playstation 5. It will bring a conclusion to Chapter 1 and a new boss encounter with Childe (who will also be able to be recruited at some point in the story following the 1.1 updates). Perhaps the most crucial inclusion, however, is a new “reputation” mechanic. PCGamer has reported that some leaked patch notes document that both regions of the current game will have their own respective “reputation level.” This feature will increase as you explore and complete side quests (including two brand new activities known as bounties and requests). Increasing reputation levels will, in turn, reward you with all sorts of goodies such as glider skins and recipes. Finally, the inventory system will be getting some tweaks alongside the ability to rebind keyboard controls for the PC players out there.


The rumor mill also suggests the addition of several new characters outside of Childe. According to PCGamer, we may be seeing four to five of them with abilities ranging from tossing cocktails at adversaries to summoning meteors. Keep in mind that the developer has not confirmed any of this just yet.


miHoYo has been relatively quiet on how it will harness PlayStation 5 to improve the overall experience. At this point, they’ve only confirmed to-be-expected upgrades such as “improved graphics” and “faster load times.” High visual fidelity and seamless transitions are as important to a game like Genshin Impact as 60 FPS are to the racing and (in some cases) platforming genres. You may not NEED these features, but these under-the-hood improvements can go a long way in cultivating an immersive experience. (Even an old soul such as myself can admit to this. I was blown away at just how much better even a simple game like Sonic Generations played with a better framerate and an even better presentation on a PC).

Expect to see this update go live on November 11, whether you’re picking up a PS5 at launch (good luck) or sticking to the PS4. 

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