Crunchyroll New Subscription Tiers


Crunchyroll has unveiled its new subscription tier system. We believe this is the final upgrade to the tier system as of this date. The new Premium Tiers are Fan, Mega Fan, and Ultimate Fan. This news came about at a time that other things were going on with Crunchyroll. We found it very interesting. So why did this come about, and why is it just big business as usual. Let us not compound on Crunchyroll though they certainly make the tiers sound great. Crunchyroll’s move can be chalked up to only increasing their prices.


Many news outlets reported a month ago that Warner Media, the owner of AT&T and Crunchyroll, were trying to sell Crunchyroll to the highest bidder. Reports stated they were shopping the company from 1.5 billion to 1 billion dollars. Reports even said that they approached Sony Pictures Entertainment, who own anime streaming rival Funimation. It caused a shock to the anime and online community. It also brought more questions than answers for us here at Anime Pad. Why would they sell arguably the #1 anime streaming site?

A look into AT&T’s financial quarter reports stated that they are in debt in the amount of 150 billion dollars. That is not a number to snort at by any measure. Were not sure how or what contributed to this large number. We do know of one venture they recently spent massive money in for little to no return thus far. Warner Media rolled out HBOMax, and many people did not know what to think about it and why it came about. HBOMax is Warner Media’s original content streaming website and app. 2019 data shows 44% of American households subscribe to cable service that could undoubtedly include HBO and HBO Now, the HBO’s streaming equivalent. Cord-cutting is real, however. People do not want to channel surf; they want the shows they want right now when they want them.

After a few weeks after the reports broke, AT&T sort of denied the reports. Then enacted were the new tiers across the Crunchyroll platform and app. It is certainly no coincidence. Now we at Anime Pad do not have a problem with the increase. The perks of the upgrades aren’t anything stellar. We want to keep the discount in the Crunchyroll Store and the simultaneous streams on different devices. However, this may further alienate anime fans that don’t want to or have an issue with paying for a subscription. Altogether it is up to the consumers to choose, and we see the overall king of streaming Netflix has been doing it for many years now. Only the numbers a year from now will tell the tale.

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