Streets of Rage 4 Gets Balance Patch and More Updates to Come


Earlier this year, we took a look at Streets of Rage 4 when it initially launched across all platforms. While visually stunning with a pumped-up soundtrack, it simply paled compared to the classic trilogy and even some of its contemporaries in the gameplay department. Nevertheless, the game has managed to gain widespread critical acclaim. It has now surpassed a whopping 1.5 million downloads in just over four months.


It would appear that I’m not alone in thinking that the game wasn’t nearly as polished as it could have been when it launched on April 30. The developers Dotemu has been listening to the player base and quietly worked on a patch to extend the game’s quality of life during the past few months. The good news? It’s now live across all platforms! (PS4, Xbone, Switch, PC)

“We thank the fans who have supported the game from day one – a lot of the updates in the patch enhance the replay value for folks who have been with us from the start…”


You can see the full list of tweaks and alterations to the gameplay here. I would say that the biggest takeaway is that series lead Axel has gotten several buffs. I, as well as many other players, found him to be rather gimped at launch. It wasn’t long after playing that I decided to switch over to other characters in the roster (primarily newcomer Cherry) to up the pace. His signature move, the Grand Upper, has gained some invincibility frames upon start-up and now travels farther across the playing field. His walking speed has also been upped. However, there’s still no option to dash or roll (like in SOR3) as some have been wanting.


Some self-proclaimed hardcore players may scoff at these changes, but I think the patch will allow more people to truly enjoy the game in a way they might not have been able to day one. In any case, it’s great to see that this game is getting support several months after launch. It’s also worth noting that Dotemu does have plans for more updates to the game beyond this patch, but they don’t have any concrete dates set. (I’m secretly hoping that Roo becomes a playable character in the future. Who wouldn’t want to clean up the mean streets as a buffed up kangaroo?!)


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